Discoloration and growth

As of lately, I have discovered a slight change in color on the base of the shaft. It is hardly noticeable but can nevertheless be observed. The same piece has also more hair than the rest of the shaft which makes me believe that the hair comes from the pubic area (I need to shave the area every 2 days). This would mean that the top line of the pubic hair area is moving downwards, towards the penis which, in the end, would leave me without any pubic hair. Luckily for me, I am quite hairy so the hair on the belly is moving down. But still, the type of hair is not exactly the same in structure. One more observation is that at the line of discoloration, the shaft slightly changes form. I have a cone formed penis, but the base has a wider cone than after the discoloration line, if you get the picture. Accordingly to me, all these observations indicate growth (input??). Finally, the testicles hang further out on the shaft these days. Not that I have a big swinging sack but instead of hanging more or less between the legs, the testicles now hang from the base of the penis, a bit out so to say. The discoloration line is more or less 2” from the base which would indicate a growth of 2” (input??). I have not used a tape to measure properly as for the last couple of months I did not see any observable growth. But this “line” would indicate that at last I have past the 10” limit and now is 10.25” (from 8.25” to 10.25”). The goal of 12” is coming closer.