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Experts/vets please share some advice!!!

Experts/vets please share some advice!!!


Here’s my problem, I have a low LOT which is around 6 o’clock…I also have foreskin which is a pain in the ass to do almost any kind of PE!! I have a few questions and I hope you all can give me the best advice, please!?

1) I usually jelq sitting down, I’ve been told to jelq outwards and upwards based on the low LOT I have….so when I’m sitting down I jelq straight up towards the cieling and also towards my chest, almost making my penis rub against my stomach. What I want to know is does LOT have any affect on which direction you should jelq or is it all the same?

2) My foreskin is a pain in the ass, many times when I jelq I’ll do it being at least 50% erect or more, many times my foreskin is just moving forward over the head and it feels as though I’m doing nothing to the actual inside of the penis to help gain size…so some have said to pull the skin back and hold it down with an elastic or something that way when I jelq the skin isn’t moving forward, my question is would that prevent me from gaining length with jelqing because I find by pulling the skin back and holding it there with say an elastic that to me all it would do is benefit girth and not so much length?

I don’t want to give up on PE, I know there’s still hope but not only do I have a low LOT of like 6 o’clock but I have to have foreskin also, I have 2 things against me that make PE stressful for me. I just want to know the proper ways of doing things cause I don’t want to waste my time doing trial and error, over time I’m sure there’s different ways or approaches learned to benefit different people, either the direction of jelqing based on our LOT, foreskin, ect…it’s like a guy that has a good length and wants girth but hangs weights from his penis and finds out later on that he’s been wasting his time and should of been doing horse 440’s or uli’s or something. Jelqing to me is a PE exercise that can benefit both length and girth, I just want to know with my situation which ways I should go about doing things. Hopefully some of you’s can help out, thanks again for all the support!

You have to condition your penis before you do the more advanced exercises. Jelqing is one way to do that. Eventually you’ll learn you’re own “best way” to do it. Having a foreskin shouldn’t make PE difficult, just a bit different than how it’s done by someone who is circumcised.

Try RB’s dry jelq technique. It’s practically “made for” guys with a foreskin.

I have never paid any attention to my LOT. From what I understand it’s more beneficial to hangers and manual stretching than jelqing because it’s basically a measure of how the penis is attached to the body by the various ligaments. Jelqing is a pressure based exercise. You should be able to jelq in any direction. Too much attention is paid to the LOT by newbies. Just do the basics for a month, then move on to the more advanced techniques. Try each one and continue the ones that work, discard those that don’t. Every man must set his own program.

Be patient. Don’t believe you can gain inches in a few months. One guy out of a thousand might be able to, most cannot. This takes time.

Hi there allen,

Nice to meet you:) . Well, I’m not an expert in this thing, I’m still a newbie too. I think Jelqing is diffrent to each people. You should find what is the best method that suited you best, and how you could know that is by listening to your body and read a lot.

My LOT is also low, and I also has foreskin. I don’t really find it as a big problem though. Well sometimes I hoping that I don’t have it-thats another story. Anyway, this is what I do when I jelq, I do dry jelq couple of times on the day and wet jelq in the afternoon shower. When I do wet jelq I just peel the foreskin back and than use my left hand to hold the skin, so its uncover the glans and than I jelq with my other hand. When I jelq the skin will cover the head, but not as much as I don’t hold it. When I do this I try to jelq the best way I could. I mean I’ll make sure I trap the blood and run it on my shaft towards the head. How you do this, well its by experimenting what hands position worked best for you.

Have you try dry jelq?, for uncut guy its more simple, and you could feel the jelq really working.

Well, that is just what I have in mind hope it could help you, because I just still a newbie here:) . Seeya, I’ll wait for your next post. Good luck.

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