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Erection Quality


Erection Quality

Hi all

My EQ is not great and I would like to improve it if I can at all. I’ve done a few kegels but I duno if I’m doin them right. Is there anything else I can do to help? It’s really starting to affect me cause I can’t get hard enough for sex.



Does it improve when you are on a consistent jelqing routine?
Have you tried light girth exercises like clamping with your hands and such?
Are you using adequate heat on your exercises?
Is your diet too fatty?
Do you exercise? Frequently?
Do you take any sort of herbal aid? (Ginseng, Ginkgo Billoba, Yohimbe and so forth).
Are you stressed lately? Feel comfortable on your sex life?

LOTS of things can be interfering on your erection quality.

I don’t know about jelqing I did it a few times but I didn’t think I was doing it right.
No haven’t tried clamping I wouldn’t know where to start with them.
I use a heat wrap for about 5 mins
Fatty? Possibly, I don’t eat much fruit and eat mostly crisps and takeaways
Exercise about once a week.
Don’t take herbal aid but I have started to take L arginine.
I get stressed out when I can’t perform so I think that makes it worse for me.

I’m started to lose confidence in myself when it comes to sex so any help would be much appreciated I’m willing to try anything at the moment!

1) Exercise more: it will help your mood and circulation.

2) Do NOT beat your meat.

3) A little alcohol may help your inhibitions.

4) Chill with the PE if you are over doing it.

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K I will exercise abit more, yep stop wanking so much lol, Not a fan of drinking alcohol during the week, I havent really started PEing yet I have this problem already.

How often do you ejaculate per week?

I'm fed up of having a signature!

About twice a day.

I gave out a good technique here but the guy did not go for it:
My post was about NOT using Viagra.

You can play with your dick as much as you like, but only ejaculate once a week. It is powerful medicine. You don’t need to do it forever, just until you get “back on your horse”.

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By ejaculating twice per day, you are draining off your natural horniness. You need to build up a hunger, an apatite.

I'm fed up of having a signature!

So I can masterbate but not ejactulate?

Originally Posted by steve_guk
So I can masterbate but not ejactulate?

Yes that would be called edging. Great exercise!

So stop wanking so much eat healthy and start exercising?

What about starting PEing?

I’ve done Kegels but I’m unsure wether I was doing it right or not.

Originally Posted by steve_guk
So stop wanking so much eat healthy and start exercising?

Try that to start with, and report the results here. If you can aim for one ejaculation per week, that is in my opinion the optimal rate to boost the sex drive. You can still jerk it 3 times a day, just try not to cum. You will soon find that even the smell of a woman drives you crazy.

How old are you by the way?

I'm fed up of having a signature!

Indeed, when you masturbate but don’t ejaculate or reach orgasm, your libido is really heightened. Exercising is also good for a big amount of reasons, eating healthy too. You don’t even have to run for directly libido-boosting-herbal-aid such as the described above. If you can add things like oat, gergeline, pepper and etc in your diet, they may help just as much. :O]

Starting to PE and do Kegels consistently may also do wonders. I know these help me a whooole lot.

Go down to your local herb and vitamin store and see if they have any libido pills. They are usually alot cheaper than the ones on t.v. Advertising as “male enhancement”. Sometimes I get them because they make my dick so hard I could hammer nails with it, and my ex use to love it.

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