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Lower erection angle

Lower erection angle

I have been thinking about what it is that causes the lower erection angle that often comes with length gains.

I know that the general idea is that the lower erection angle is caused by stretching the ligaments, And that this is often caused by hanging or stretching BTC and SD.

I have also read here that it can be helpful to stretch/hang SO or SU.

My point is, Could it be that if you stretch/hang BTC/SD, You simply pull out more of the top part of the inner penis, And less of the lower part of the inner penis?

This is a bit complicated to explain in English, So I hope you understand what I mean.

If the top side of your penis is getting longer compared to your lower side, Then the top side will push out more when getting an erection, And the lower part will hold back, And this in theory will result in an lower erection angle.

Try to draw a side view of an high angle erection (11 o`clock), Then measure the length of the top side and low side.

Then make a new drawing of a low angle erection (9 o`clock) where the low side is exactly the same length as in the first drawing. Then measure the length of the top side and compare it to the measurement in the first drawing. On paper the low erection angles top side should be about 20% longer than the high erection levels.

Maybe this only works in theory, I need some input from the vets on this.

90% is actually useful, its natural with age that the erection height decreases, but that just makes it more flexible imho. You wouldn’t want an a 11 o clock erection would be painful in some positions.

Yeah I know what you’re saying this is why you balance tunica priorities (stretching upwards, bundles) too prevent this sort of thing from happening.

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Perhaps it’s a matter of leverage too. A longer cock weighs more and it’s harder to hold high.

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