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Erection Angles

Erection Angles

Didn’t think I was still considered a new member but if I gotta post here then so be it.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else is dealing with this. When I get an erection even at 100% it will kinda droop a bit. I’m wondering could this have something to do with lower ligs. Do they even exist? If so will up ward stretching correct this by loosening them up and allowing the uppers to exert equal if not more pull? I would like my unit to either point directly out or even stand up a bit.

Also I’m not sure if this contributed to my situation but I’ve been sleeping on my stomach for as long as I can remember. Just more comfortable that way. Do you guys think that maybe waking up with wood and having it being pushed down for so many years has caused this to happen? Its not something that’s driving me mad but I would like to change this. Any help would be appreciated. Peace.

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There you go.

Now, re: your question about angles. My opinion is that some guys erection generally point up, some straight out and some down. Kind of the way it is. However, there’s been some discussion about this recently. Try a :search: Good luck.

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