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Questions Regarding the Erection Mechanism

Questions Regarding the Erection Mechanism

Hello everyone,

I’ve been out here for a little over six months now and have seen some pretty substantial growth during this time frame. My wife has noticed as well and has quit laughing at me. Now she reminds me to keep doing whatever I’m doing. LOL. The most interesting thing is now she will admit that “all things being equal.. Yes.. She prefers a larger penis”. Finally.. Women are free to admit what we men instinctively knew all along. Kudos to women for not bashing my ego until I found this site.

Erections.. Here goes. I’m a 45 yo that was diagnosed last year with the “testosterone level” of a 80 yo man. Since that time I have been receiving Testosterone injections bi-monthly. I feel wonderful. Anyone that might be low ought to get it checked because it just makes a tremendous difference in my energy levels and quality of life. Note - as low as it was my sex drive has always been very high.

I have read a lot about the mechanism of an erection but there seems to be a missing piece that nobody seems to have addressed. I notice that if I haven’t ejaculated in 24 hours or so my erection will be much “fuller” and heavier. If I have a situation where I ejaculate several times during one day the erections that follow the first orgasms are certainly smaller, mostly, in girth and “heft”, if you will. I don’t really understand this phenomenon. It woodn’t (sic) seem to be blood volume related to me and I would assume that the enzymes needed for an erection would be released at the same levels from erection to erection. There most certainly, for me anyway, is a difference. The head swells to a noticeably smaller volume and the shaft seems to follow. Sometimes there is also a lessened “hardness”, however, this can be remedied with ED medicine. Age a factor?? Seems if that was the case it could be chemically enhanced for whatever was missing. Don’t know.

One hint maybe.. I feel that the testosterone supplementation has caused my testes to shut down. I have certainly lost volume and will be subjected to an Orchidometer test again soon to confirm the volume loss. In addition, I was diagnosed many years ago as azoospermia - the absence of sperm. It’s either genetic (probably) or due to double blockage (unlikely).

LOL. After rereading the above it occurred to me that my user name should have been brokedick instead of valvguy. Actually, everything works pretty well.. It’s just, you know.. When you’re “size challenged” you want to be sure that every erection is the best that it can be.

I measure in a pump under vacuum. When I started I could barely get to 6”. Now I can achieve 7 1/4” consistently and my flaccid stretch has increased from 5.75 to a hair under 7. Erect girth has barely increased (without pump induced swelling) from 4.75 to 4.85.

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed the same thing and if so what the scientific cause is?

Your ejaculation problem happens to virtually all men, it is simply that once you have ejaculated your body needs to work to get more sperm going. Also you have satisfied your sexual urge, It’s just the same if you are hungry and have a meal etc.

Nothing to worry about.

Your erect length in the pump is probably caused simply by the pump pressing into your belly. But there is nearly always more length when measuring in the tube as the penis is pulled out more and the tube is pressing more.

It pays to be careful when trying to maximise the length in the tube as the higher pressure can cause water and blood blisters 5hg is the maximum you should be using.

Have fun though!


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Hey Petit,

Sure. I understand.. But everything that I can think of in the body happens as the result of chemical or electrical stimuli. I was hoping someone here knew what the physiological reason was that subsequent erections are not as “hefty” as the original erections. I don’t think sperm really has anything to do with it. The ejaculation process - yes. The erection process - no. I remember as a young man have so many orgasms in one day that the ejaculate volume went to near zero, however, the erections were as strong as “morning wood”.

It appears that as we get older we suffer not only from a longer refractory period but also from diminished erection volume.

LOL. Thank goodness as we get older we get over the premature ejaculation that plagued so many of us as younger men. It would be hateful to ejaculate quickly.. Take a long time to recover and THEN not be able to recover fully.

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