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EQ problems

EQ problems

Hey everyone, I wanted to give a little background info and hopefully get some insight as to why my EQ has always been not so great. I remember back when I was fourteen my mother would wake me up for school and I would be afraid of getting out of bed because I didn’t want her to see my morning wood. I got this girlfriend towards the beginning of high school and she took my virginity and wound up cheating on me which led me to a very severe depressive state. During this time I got into masturbation and pornography quite heavily. Well, senior year of high school came around and this girl I knew basically told me she wanted to fuck, I believe it to now be performance anxiety coupled with pornography addiction, but I couldn’t get it up which led me to this site. I remember posting on a different account (which I can’t recall the log-in information on) because I was convinced I had the dreaded ED. I remember starting to get into PE and my EQ got quite a bit better, but at the time I really wasn’t concerned because I honestly didn’t plan on having sex again for a long while so I quit. For the last few years I have still not really experienced morning/night wood, but I could get a suitable erection for the purposes of masturbation with or without pornography (the quality always was a few points higher with pornography.) Anyways, so I finally had sex again, I really had no issues getting an erection, not really sure of the quality but it was good enough for sex. I should also mention that for the last 2-3 months I have been on a caloric deficit (around 1800 Cal’s) to lose weight and I am nearly happy with my physical appearance. I have lifted weights for 2.5 years now but never been able to see the muscle I was growing, because I truly was not monitoring my nutrition. Anyways, this girl and I had sex (she has had a kid, and 5 partners before me) and I am 21 years old. I am very inexperienced with sex, but basically she broke it off with me telling me the sex was bad. She even had given me her toy and asked me to use it on her, but I obviously wasn’t doing it right seeing as she took it from me to do it herself haha. When I asked for specifics she told me “the size of the boat was the problem.” The thing is I really don’t feel like I am that small, I believe I am average (and according to the statistics on these forums, I am on the lower side of average.) So, I sum the problem up to being 1)inexperience and 2) possible poor EQ, but at the same time I feel growing above average won’t hurt anything.

So I have some questions
1) is it normal for a 21 year old to not experience morning wood on a regular basis? And if not can it be masturbation that is the problem? (I probably masturbate every other day on average)
2)could it be my caloric deficit that is currently affecting my lack of EQ? (I have done PE both today and yesterday, and I struggle to get/keep the erection level required for jelqing on my own and I refuse to use porn)
3) should I continue with my PE seeing as I am struggling with my EQ?
4) what advice can I get for improving my EQ? I am willing to bump up the calories seeing as I am nearly at my goal weight I want to be and should start bulking soon again anyways. (Currently at a light flexed 4pack, I was shooting for the 6 pack.)

Thanks for all of your responses! =)

My current measurements are BPEL-5.75 EG-4.25

1. Quit jerking off so much and morning wood will return.

2. Eat a healthy balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies and get regular exercise. The erections will return mainly because of quitting jerking off.

3. Yes but monitor for negative physical indicators and don’t over do it.

4. See answers to #’s 1&2.

I have achieved my short term goals 7 x 6++ 17.78cm bpelx 15.2cm mseg 17.1cm beg...

long term goal 8 x current girth

How long does it take for it to “return?” I have little hope for it to “return” I don’t feel I have really experienced it since I was 14. By no jerking off do you mean no climaxing? Because this last week I really haven’t masturbated. I had sex twice, and I think I masturbated once.

Does anyone else have advice?

quit watching porn and quit masturbating and you will get your morning wood back. You also seem to have some psychological issues due to bad experiences which may affect how the little guy performs. Do the newbie routine and it will help with EQ. So will exercising and losing weight. Losing weight may also increase you NBPEL by reducing the fatpad and increase the actual usable length.

Now about the “inexperienced” part: Just do and what feels natural to you, not what you see in the movies or whatever and you will be fine. It’s the attitude that is very important, women can feel when you are insecure or scared. If you act like you know what you are doing and stick to basics i guarantee she won’t notice how inexperienced you are.

Starting 20/02/2013: NBPEL 6 inches; EG 5,85 inches

Current : 7.2 NBPEL

Second Goal : NBPEL 8 inches; EG 6 inches

If you are panicking over your EQ, take a cialis (go to a general practition doctor and ask for a free sample because it is taking over your head/life). Take one of the low dose pills (5mg). A couple hours later watch some porn. If your dick gets raging hard, you know there’s nothing physically wrong with the plumbing. This should take your mind off of the panicked state that it might be in. Knowing that you can get a rock hard erection, even with the aid of boner pills, might be good for your mind.

Don’t get dependent on them though - just use a pill or two to see if it works on your dick. If it does, I’d say it’s a safe bet that your problems are more mental.

Another thing - 1800 calories isn\’t nearly enough, and I’d be pretty damned confident in saying this is a solid reason for your EQ problems. Even 2000 calories really is a low number for many people, especially a male of your age - the whole national ‘standard’ for nutrition on food labels is really still in the Stone Age…MOST healthy people take in considerably more calories than this (500 - 1000 more calories, many times even more). One reason you are not seeing muscle growth is that you are only taking in 1800 calories - MUSCLE GROWTH NEEDS WAY MORE CALORIES THAN 1800/day BRO!! You’re starving your body of much needed energy and replenishing nutrients. Eat more - your stomach shouldn’t ever be grumbling. Just make sure the calories you do take in are good ones. Do your nutrition research and eat MORE good foods! Cut out the garbage shit foods (fast food, soda) and you’ll see and feel changes over time.

Best of luck, quit starving yourself! A 21 year old male (especially one looking for muscle mass) needs significantly more calories than 1800 per day…bottom line.

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Smallj- I appreciate the response, and the 1800 calories is/was for cutting weight. I have been working out the last two years eating whatever I wanted and so I never was able to see any of my gains, I now am thinking its time to come off my cut and go back into a bulk (this time controlled) for building muscle. I know low calories can affect libido/sexual performance, but low EQ is a problem I have always had since my depression issues first began. I guess the only way to find out though is to go ahead and bump up the calories and see if there is a change. You are right, and it should of been obvious. I need to change one thing at a time and see how my EQ changes. I am not worried it is “the plumbing” seeing as I have no issues getting erect with porn, or maintaining an erection for the course of time this girl and I slept together (over 45 minutes) my concern is the quality and increasing it. After thinking about it, both times I tried PE my PI’s were insane. I remember last time I did the newbie routine for 2 weeks and started having issues with getting erections in class with no stimulus, and both times I quit PE as soon as my PI’s showed up. Kind of like how someone quits taking medicine as soon as they feel better, and they just get sick again (I am currently a nursing student.) Lesson learned, I will check back in a couple weeks from now and let you all know how my PE/EQ/PI’s are.

If anyone else has any input/questions feel free, thanks to those who have already responded!

Morning wood shouldn’t worry you that much.

Porn addiction doesn’t cause erection problems, that’s just bullshit. People who watch porn have more frequent erections, all other things being equal.

I think what you have is depression and the bad luck to find a very bad girl, women do say things related to the size only when want to be gratuitously cruel; maybe you did something wrong and she felt you were not caring, maybe she is a cruel person in itself, but what she said is enough to cause some erection problems in many young males.
Coupled with a severe regimen of physical training and a caloric deficit, EQ issues are there. I’d suggest take a two weeks off from any stressor, don’t worry if your six pack aren’t bulging, don’t worry about morning woods, don’t worry about the size of your dick - which is exactly in the norm. After 1 or 2 weeks, take a beer and watch a porn movie and you’ll have a raging erection. Or your money back.

From my experience too much porno and jerking off does affect your performance in real life. I quite Porn about 4 weeks ago and reduced my jerking off to twice a week. I get much better erections now, morning wood EVERY day and orgasm feels better. I’m convinced ED is related to the ease we can all see porn, 24/7 now if we want to. It’s difficult to start with but now it doesn’t bother me because of the positive benefits. Give it a try, you’ve nothing to lose and a lot to gain - lol !

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