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DRY warmup

DRY warmup

Is there a way to do a pre PE warmup without any water involved?

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Put 1lb of dry uncooked rice into a cotton sock (ideally not too short) and tie the end. You now have a have a rice sock. A couple of minutes in the microwave and you can use it as the perfect warmer upper.

If anybody wonders what it’s for you can always say you have a sore shoulder, wrist or whatever and that someone told you a rice sock was a good way to apply a little heat treatment. (Anyway that’s what I say:) )

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I use an electric heat pad.

Originally Posted by gprent101
I use an electric heat pad.

Same here

I hold a space heater up to my wang. I cannot comment on the efficacy of this method, however, as I have only been using it for a week.

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Hey gprent, does the heat pad work well? I was afraid I’d burn myself even on the low setting. Using the heat pad would be rather convenient though.


Originally Posted by dmitri

I hold a space heater up to my wang.

Doesn’t it get heavy? Seriously though, be careful not to get too close…OUCH!


Skip the warm-up, your penis is located in the warmest area of your body. It’s always ready to go so just whip it out and wang-chung. Heat maybe beneficial for post PE to stimulate healing and comfort.

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That’s a blanket statement that probably shouldn’t be made, Salvo. Yes it is true that it is located in a warm area, but for some guys it is not sufficient warmth. It is really person by person whether or not you need to warm up. I personally have come to the conclusion that if you want the best results you should warm up, and I’m talking baout everyone. I had been doing my sessions without warming up, and that was working fine. But this past week I have been doing a 5 min warm up and I am seeing and feeling much better reactions to my workouts. So although not doing a warm up wasn’t hurting me at all, I see much better results when warming up (and I am talking visible results here not measuable results)


I use a heatpad also and love it.
I do need to take the material cover off though to really feel the heat well.

RTG I think it would be difficult to burn yourself with the heatpad I use, it gets hot enough but never feels like it is going to burn even when it has been on for 1 1/2 hours.

mbuc made a good suggestion for a low cost way to warm up, just don’t overcook it :)

Cool. Thanks bluenun. I think I am going to try that. Easy, accessible, not messy, and I already have one so it’s free (which is the real reason I’m trying it :D )


Towel on a radiator for minutes, then wrap.

You don’t have to even leave the room!

You are welcome RTG.

I hope you get on with it OK but if you already have it at home you have nothing to lose.

Mine takes about 10 minutes to get up to a good heat after turning it on so I try to remember to switch it on and carry on with what I was doing before starting PE.

How about putting a sock on a radiator and using this for warm-up?

I’ll give it a try now(starting now with a PE-session)

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electric heat pad

Originally Posted by gprent101

I use an electric heat pad.

gprent101, isn’t it too light?

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