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dry jelqing

dry jelqing

Hi guys

In my last few sessions I have tried to do some dry jelqs out of curiosity. Man I must say these are great. I have a lot of foreskin so I can retract it and do the dry jelq on the whole shaft. I dont need to do them separately at the base and on the middle. I also must say that I have been able to have erection during dry jelq session more easily. I am just wondering if dry jelqs are as effective as wet or is the wet jelq the king. Will I get good results just from doing dry jelqs and stretching?


I personally think that dry v. wet jelqing is a matter of convenience and comfort and doesnt effect outcome.

Just my two cents


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I have started using dry jelqing and I don’t have a problem covering the whole shaft with one stroke, but they don’t seem to swell and pump as much blood into my dick as wet jelqs do. After 10 mins of wet jelqing my dick starts to look swollen, but not so with dry jelqs. Maybe I need to tinker around a bit with my technique. Does anyone have any tips to make dry jelqing work as well as wet jelqing?

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dry jelqing

I find instead of doing the OK grig, using my left hand with my thumb on top of my shaft and my index finger on the bottom and with my right hand applying pressure onto my grip I can jelq with alot more pressure. I find this kick arse over wet Jelqing

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