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Do you feel anything when jelqing or see anything

Do you feel anything when jelqing or see anything

Ok so I just tried my first jelqing. Basically I started with a O shape ring at the base of my penis and sqeezed went up to my head and held it there then I took my other hand and started at the base and went up and met my first hand at the head.then I took the first hand and started at the base and went up and met the second hand and did the process over and over. It gave me a erection so I stopped. Am I suppose to feel any different from regular masturbation like motion or is it suppose to look any diffrerent? How can I tell if I’m doing it right? Thanks

Ok I just did it again, my penis got like full looking at the top half.kinda shaped like a baseball bat. It was kinda scary actually,lol.I don’t wanna damage my penis. Anyways I wanna get the whole thing big, just not the top half. I think blood was going to the top half but not the bottom maybe? Anyone ever seen this when doing jelqing? Thanks

Your doing it right, and the tightness of your grip affects everything. Jelqing affects the top half more than it does the bottom half. This is normal, and continue to do this. Just make sure you don’t grip too hard, and take a short break if you get an erection.

I stop when I get a erection, and it usually gives me a erection after 1-2 mins. The thing is I have a dent about midway done the shaft on the left side, I’m trying to “feel in” that dent, but the area that got bigger was right above the dent. I’m doing this for the dent only, I want a larger penis but I want to feel in the dent. So how can I make the bottom part get bigger too? Also if I do this for only like 5-10 mins a day will that increase my penis size since my penis isnt use to such a workout. My penis doesnt hurt or anything after doing this, it’s not tired feeling either. How can I be so sure I’m doing thir right? I just want to make sure also I do not hurt myself or over work it. So is there any way I can add grith the bottom half of my penis also so I can fix that dent area?

I assume based on the description of the process, that you are wet-jelqing. I generally have the same outcome that you’ve described when doing wet jelqs. I found that using dry jelqs with kegels between each stroke gave me a more uniform expansion. Try kegeling between reps (ie as you change swap hands) in order to maintain a more uniform plumpness.

Also, you are a newbie (first-timer even!) and you are having the same problem a lot of newbies have with getting fully erect too fast while jelqing or not being able to maintain a steady high range erection level without becoming fully erect and incapable of continuing until the erection subsides. After some practice and desensitization to the process, you should be able to jelq at a selected 60-80% erection level without having to delay every couple of minutes for an erection break.

After you’ve exercised to the point where the newbie routine is in the past, you can they move on to more refined girth exercises. Don’t worry about any “dents” in your unit for now. Just focus on improving technique. PE is a journey, there’s no sense in focusing on trying to acquire localized girth gains when you haven’t gained any girth at all yet. :)


"Life's not a bitch. Life is a beautiful woman."

Thanks for the detailed reply. I’m just scared I’m gonna overdo it one day. I feel like I’m playing with fire a bit here. When I got the baseball bat effect I let go and stopped out of fear. How do I know when it’s getting too “full”? Also is 5 mins overall a day worth of jelqing enough for a newbie like me? The reason I’m jelqing is to try to fix my “penis” in general. I was on some blood pressure meds that gave me a side effect of peyronies dease. The dent is getting bigger over time so I figure I better take action and try to fix my penis. I think PE’s are good for the penis in general if not over done. Does jelqing help give you better erections over time? Sorry, I’m just don’t wanna damage my penis any further you know. I got to fix it!

As far as knowing where the line is.. you just have to play it safe until you get a feel for PEing. If you feel pain, stop yanking the chain. I guess red spots are also a good indicator as a newbie that you’re approaching the threshold of going too hard on the lil’ guy.

Do a search for Peyronie’s. I’ve seen it mentioned a few times on these boards and there may be a member that can give you some advice.

"Life's not a bitch. Life is a beautiful woman."

Thanks man. Whos the guy that can help me? Also does jelqing help even if my penis doesn’t swell up? Like does the motions help or does my penis have to swell up for it to be effective? Like I will jelq sometimes for a min or two and I won’t have a erection, is this helping me? Thanks alot for the time and help man.

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