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Bleeding from Jelqing?

Bleeding from Jelqing?

I’ve been a lurking member for over a year now and I’ve done various exercises that have been recommended by the various postings.

My current measurements are…

Length = 6.75
Base Girth = 6.5
Under the Head Girth = 5.75

I’ll take pictures to show soon… anyway, back to the subject at hand…

I saw a program used by Krowax a bunch of months ago and I figured I’d give it a shot… I’ve done stretching and jelqing beforehand and figured I was up to a bit of a challenge, as I haven’t noticed many gains… my BPEL was 6.5’… his program was I believe was 3 days on one day off?, or something like that stretching and jelqing.

I built up over time to spending about a half hour 2x a day stretching and dry jelqing…

That is until last week when , while I was jelqing, I noticed some blood on my hands and looked down… needless to say, blood was “leaking” out of my dick… which is a pretty fucking scary sight. I actually tried to squeeze some more blood out of it, just to see if it was a open wound that was really bleeding, but I couldn’t get anymore out of it (Thank heavens!).

My question for the group is has anyone else experienced this?

I’m going to change my routine and try 5 days of stretching and jelq every other day. I figured I was just jelqing too hard and my dick didn’t like it. I’m also going to go bad to wet jelqing as I have also gotten a red doughnut around the shaft which I don’t like too much. I also think the doughnut deals with the way I stretch too… by pulling the fauxskin over the head while stretching…

Hope everyone had a happy holiday!!!



Are you going for length mostly or girth?

With your girth I’m betting you are shooting for length. My advice would be lay off the jelqing for a good bit and concentrate on manual stretches with heat applied.

You can work jelqing back in later after a good bit of healing time and take it easier to avoid injury.

My 2c.

Sounds like you bursted a tiny bloodvessel. Give it some rest. I had the same experience a few months ago and stopped jelqing for about a week.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I am having a similar problem. It amounts to only a few drops, but I think it is from deep within the urethra. I took a day off and the the next day, I took it easy (jelqing loosely), and all was good. The following day, blood again! Even a small amount in my urine (washout?)! I think I have slipped into the habit of grasping too tightly. Do you think that might have been your cause also?

I don’t think it’s going to heal without a break. A week or more perhaps. I would suggest that if you still have it after a break, or are having any pain or bleeding without the PE, see a doctor or urologist right away. With mine, I am kinda worried about infection.

it has happened to me one time and it was more of a little shallow scar caused by over pressure on the foreskin, after that though it tooked quite a while before it healed up good :/

Concentrate more on stretching for a while and start jelqing with the “upside down U grip” instead of the normal “O grip”. If it’s still bleeding, take a break from the jelqing for at least two weeks. You can continue stretching as usual.

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