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Do i have to kegel to gain?


Do i have to kegel to gain?

Hi, I’ve been doing the newbie routine for almost a month now and i have gain some in flaccid so far. I have been recently included Uli’s into my routine. I would like to know is kegels important to gain both in lengths and girth, or is kegels only good for better erections?

They’re good for better erections, but knowing how to do them can help during jelqing and some other exercises. They won’t, on their own, create gains.

Are the only benefits of kegeling found in stronger erections? I just started, but so far, I have been skipping out on kegels. I do not really see a reason to do them because I am young and do not have erection problems yet. There are many times when they just pop up when I don’t want an erection, if you know what I mean. So my question is, have I been missing out on something? If they do not help with size gains, and I do not have erection problems at this time, should I still do them? what other benefits can they provide?

Another thing is, people say that during sex, when you tighten those muscles, it holds back the orgasm. I’m the opposite. That’s another reason to avoid this exercise. If I strengthen that muscle, I’m afraid my duration will shorten substantially. I go longer when I relax. If someone could explain this to me, that would be great.


i found that doing kegel’s makes for a much stronger shaft… harder erections… so much that i can lift a girl up off of a bed/couch/whatever supporting her whole bodyweight on my shaft… it really helps when you got a girl that wants it harder and harder … to the point where you are really working your #ss off…

I think stronger erections help stretch out your penis, especially during the night. So Kegels will aid you in your gains.

Also I agree that if you hold a Kegel during sex it will make you orgasm faster, but the more you do Kegels the more muscular control you have over the PC muscle and can keep it relaxed. Also I find a quick Kegel and squeeze of the buttocks to be effective at putting the brakes on an orgasm if I’m getting to close too soon.(squeezing the buttocks which is a large muscle close enough to your penis to draw some blood away from it which has the joint effect of lowering arousel enough to prevent ejaculation.) Kegels also make your orgasms more intense, which is a great thing, I now have the most amazing orgasms I could ever have imagined, and if you want to learn to become multi-orgasmic, then Kegels are your golden key.

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Do you kegel at any certain level of erection? Should I kegel while flaccid at any time of day, or right out of my routine?

Kegel whenever you want. You can kegel while waiting in line somewhere, at work, or wherever, although it does help to get the blood flowing if you kegel at the beginning of your routine.

I have seen much variation in the duration of the kegel. Do you most of you recommend starting with a shorter pulses and many repetitions, or holding it for a couple seconds and just doing it until you get tired? I gave it a try, and I am only able to hold it for a few seconds. As I have an underdeveloped muscle, I can do very few repetitions before I get tired.

Even if you’re young and no erection problem, I think by doing kegel now, it will benefit you in the longer run. I’m 31 and didn’t do much before until about a month ago when I started kegel on a regular basis and PE (2 weeks ago). I don’t really have erection problems but it started to become tougher to get solid ones the second time around the same day. Unfortunately, I’ve been away for the last 4 months (work) and still have another 2 months to go before I go back home to my wife. I can’t wait to see her “smile”.

Doing kegels will strengthen your muscles, which will help develop better control. I am young (although my friends tease that I am not) at 30 with no erectile dysfunction nor loss of hardness, however kegeling and edging has helped me with staying power (pre-ejaculation) and increased hardness post-ejaculation. Better to strengthen now, then waiting until you have to.

Thank you for your comments. I have started kegeling, and it seems very beneficial already after only a few days. I can see that it is a very valuable exercise. I was just a bit concerned that it would make me ejaculate faster, because I am one of those backwards people. I am still having a little trouble working out the right duration of pulses though. I feel the best workout with 2 seconds on, two seconds off for about a minute

Quick question by me: I usually kegel for 10 mins each day. 5 mins straight is a pulsing 1-2 second kegel. Rest for 5 mins. Then the last 5 mins I hold each kegel for 5-10 seconds. I’m not sure how many I actually do but is this good? Too much? Too little?

I kegel during the warmup & warmdown parts of my routine. I mean, I’m standing there, holding hot wet washcloths to myself, not doing anything else, so I might as well kegel while I’m waiting. I’m also thinking that waiting at red lights on my drive to and from work might be a good time to kegel. You just have to fit them into your day.

Kegels are good at any erection level. I have a goal of 500 quick kegels and at least five or ten long kegels (I can now hold a little past a minute for each) throughout the day. I also do as many kegels and reverse kegels as possible whenever I am pissing, with a goal of porn distance shooting! :D

Do 1000 kegels a day the rest of your life. Your prostate will thank you. It is a healthy thing to do.

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