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Do i have to kegel to gain?


When you say 1000 a day, what pulse duration do you recommend?

What is a reverse kegel?

I kegel throughout the day and during PE sessions. Usually, it’s a 2 sec hold and 2 sec pause. Alot of times I will rapid fire off a hundred at a time. Then sometimes I will see how long I can hold one.A reverse kegel, I’m not sure how to describe it. Kinda like trying to fart but stopping? Anyone else describe it??

A reverse kegel is what you do when you make yourself pee harder. It’s another great way to have more staying power in bed, because you can’t pee with a full erection, so it forces the PC muscle away from the prostate which makes you last longer. You can also alternate between kegels and reverse kegels which will give you a very good feel for controlling your PC muscle. If you can learn to work both the front and back part of your PC seperately it’s quite useful too.

I find the only way I can feel I’ve worked my PC hard is to squeeze it for about 5min, then by the end I’m aching to release it.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Red -

5 minutes! You must be able to crack walnuts. I better up my long time.

Bringing this one back to share something interesting that I’ve found. It is this: despite being pretty young (mid-20s) I’ve had trouble obtaining and maintaining full strength erections for years. I never get fully hard ‘morning wood’ either. I have, however, recently made some good progress in regaining rigidity. Three factors could have contributed to this:

1) I tend to masturbate in positions where I feel that my erections are weakest, the idea being that if I strengthen my cock in this state, when I’m in ‘easier’ positions my cock will be still harder. I think I’ve seen steady progress with this approach over the past few years;
2) I recently started doing kegels again; and
3) I’ve also recently started taking 30mg of zinc nightly before bed after reading that this can be helpful in balancing hormones or somesuch.

Net result has been a real improvement in my erectile strength, though I’m not sure whether to attribute this to the Zinc or the (couple of weeks of) kegeling or both. It is in any case progress and I’m not complaining. Just thought I’d share this in case it’s of use to anyone else is all..



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