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Do firegoat rolls work well for me?

Do firegoat rolls work well for me?

Hi guys,

I has been staying off the pump for about 6 months now. I went to see the doctor to get me a cream as I has discoloration on my shaft and on my foreskin. I am still trying to get rid of the discoloration badly, but the cream I had it doesn’t really helped me, so I had no luck. Well, I can see the big difference this time. I have started to use firegoat rolls sometimes in the year of 2011, I started to notice that I saw a little difference on my shaft where I had brown/purple color, it has turns to red color, but my foreskin remains the same. When I started to notice the difference, I have decided to do the workout. I has been rolling my dick on everyday for 4 weeks now and I has stretching my dick before I start to use the firegoat rolls for each routine.

I have rolling my dick for 30 seconds then I have to stop for few seconds before rolling my dick again. I am surprised, I can see that I have increased the blood flow in my dick and I have got more blood vessels. In some case, some area of my shaft and on my foreskin, it has turns to red and white color. Does that means that the firegoat roll has works well for me?

I believed to myself that it has works well for me. Is that normal to have red skin color on my shaft or I should have white natural skin color? :)

And do any of you know how I can cure the discoloration of the brown color on my foreskin?

Do I have to keep stretching before rolling my dick? :)

Since 24 hours and nobody is replying, please can someone give me the answers?

You have to give it time. I had discoloration from clamping. It took about a year to go away.

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Whether Firegoat Rolls work well for you depends on what outcome you’re looking for. You’ve seen changes; do you think your dick looks better now than it did? If so, keep going! If not, stop.

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