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Hey guys, this is my first thread, and I just want to say hello. Um I also have a question, I’ve been reading up on the site for a while, and I have a question about discoloration. I just started PE yesterday, and I’ve noticed, that I have a discoloration. It’s pinkish around the head, followed by an abrupt change to a darker brown/tan, and then at the base, it’s my natural skin color. Is this natural, and if not is there any way to correct it(make it all one color)?

It is common, yes. I had discoloration pre PE. PE enhances discoloration but you should not worry about it. No girl would bring it up and in the very rare occasion that they do, tell them to suck it off.

There are ways to remove discoloration, do a search and you will find answers.

Originally Posted by Bird2
PE enhances discoloration


Horny Bastard

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