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Effective/Unorthadox Method for Removing Discoloration.

Effective/Unorthadox Method for Removing Discoloration.

*Note to Mods:
Please do not move this post to the pumping forum. This post is about a discoloration removal technique that just happens to involve a pump. If you move it too the pumping forum only members attempting to pump for gains will see this post, and I believe many members not interesting in pumping per se might want to get a hold of a pump strictly as a tool for discoloration reduction.

I did something I don’t normally do a couple of nights ago. At first I regretted it, but now I am glad I did it because I stumbled across an unforeseen positive side effect in the progress.

Normally I pump for only very short periods of 5 to 10 minutes between sets of qelqs, squeeze jelqs, and squeezes. This way I avoid getting any bloating or donut effect, because I really hate that!

Well, Thursday night, I was in an experimental mood I guess, so I decided to see if I could pack my 2 1/8 tube all they way by pumping for a long time at low pressure (3” Hg). Normally, I don’t get bloating or donut effect even when I pump for longer than normal if I keep the pressure low, but this time I pumped for a REALLY long time. 2.5 hours to be exact (5 x 30 minute sessions)!

Things didn’t seem too bad after the first two hours, but I came out really bloated with a huge donut after the last half hour session. I thought, “You just had to push your luck, didn’t you?” I knew the swelling would go down, but like I said, I just hate that look and knew it would take a long time for that degree of swelling to subside.

It’s been 48 hours now and most of the swelling has finally subsided. To my surprise, I noticed that some very long term discoloration has faded by about 40%. Cool! I guess it was worth it after all.

Apparently, I managed to pump a huge amount of water into the area under the skin where blood residues were causing the discoloration, and when as the fluids gradually subsided over the course of two days, they took some of the deposits with them.

For the record, normal, sensible pumping for gains has never helped me any in lightening discoloration, but this excessively long bloating session had quite a dramatic effect on reducing long term discoloration (5 months old).

The key seems to be VERY LONG DURATION pumping (to purposely create excessive bloat by allowing a lot of water to accumulate under the skin) at LOW PRESSURE. Pumping for a long duration at higher pressures would be risky and counter productive because you would likely force new blood under the skin.

interesting observation


Thanks for posting on this interesting personal observation. I’ve been a pumper for over 2 years and have never suffered any discoloration throughout all of my PE life, including jelqing, stretching, squeezes, bends, etc. Like you I have occasionally pushed the envelope and developed some mean, but temporary, donuts. You may have inadvertently found at least one potential technique to help others with a lingering discoloration problem.



Let me know how it looks in a couple more days if you will. I’ve had similiar results after day two however at day four it looks about the same as before the pumping..

Ditto what zep wrote. I hope your results are permanent, but I’ve also been fooled before. I think my whole dick temporarily darkened a shade or two and camouflaged the discolored areas.

I’ve discussed this in the recent past with avocet, we both thought it was a good general theory. I’ve been thinking of buying a pump just for this purpose.

I started a thread along these lines, but cant remember what it was called. Never took off anyway though, hopefully this will get a lot of discussion.


Glad you saw this, SS4. Was going to PM you.

I’ll be interested also in hearing whether the change is permanent or not. I’ve still got my Horse discoloration patches after a year. They don’t fade even if I haven’t done PE of any kind in weeks.




Any update? What is the discolouration like now?


I visited a website a long time ago which was run by Dr. Lin, some of you may have heard about him. I think its called or something. H edoes tend to push pills on the site but some of his advice is non promotional to any of his products and is actually good information. He suggested a remedy to some men who wrote in about having scarring and discolouration. His advice was to become erect and aply some muscle rub ointment, such as tiger balm or deep heat. Then whilst erect to massage the scarred or discoulered areas very firmly for a while. Rubbing in firm circular motions quite hard, every day. He said it would take a couple of months for the scarring or discolouration to go. I know that some of his advice is worth listening to because I tried his advice on how to use the tail bone and anus area to shut off the nerve to the penis to stop ejaculation, and it works because I have used this method successfully. So give the massaging a go if you like.

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It is still lighter, maybe not quite 40% lighter; I’d say about 30% lighter. I think I would have had even better results though if I’d have bloated myself up intentionally for the purpose of discoloration reduction, because I would have massaged the discolored areas between two fingers with the express intention of dislodging more of the dried blood into the fluid.

As far as the recommendation to use some type of balm to massage the discolored area, I think this would be even more effective on a fluid bloated penis.

I really hate to do it again so soon, because I really hate having walking around with a grotesque dick for 2 days. I always think “OMG, what did I do! I sure hope it returns to normal.” I know it will, and it always does, but it still freaks me out for some reason.

I think I might have to try it again soon though because I just added a bit more fresh discoloration from some intense two-handed squeezes. I was wondering if the last batch of discoloration came from higher pressure pumping, but now I am pretty sure that that was also the result of intense squeezing.

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I’ve noticed a similar lightening of my super-dark bank of skin under my penis after it went all donut-like. It only lasted for a few days, so here’s my idea on what this actually is:

notice that when you’re erect, the skin looks better/lighter? this is because the skin is stretched.

it looks lighter when there’s fluid build-up for the same reason …. the skin is stretched!

so once the buildup goes away, so does the apparent ‘lightening’ of the skin.

I’d really like to be wrong about this, however! It would be nice to be able to rid myself of that band of skin. Is there any way to concentrate that hydroquinone cream from 3% to some much higher percentage? I realize a higher % is only otherwise available by prescription, but would be embarassed to ask + don’t have money (or insurance) for such a visit to the doctor.

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