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Be Aware of Discolouration


Be Aware of Discolouration


discolouration is something that will sneak up on you if you are not careful.

It has the potential to become a permanent side effect of PE.

Based on my experience with the issue I strongly suggest that everyone reads “Help wrapping to remove discolouration” in the Injuries Forum.

A good place to research this issue is the “Wrapping to remove discolouration” thread started by ThunderSS followed by the even more detailed and informative “Synergistic effect of wrapping…” thread started by Merlin. Both are in the Hanger’s Forum.

I am not trying to scare anyone. I strongly believe that research prior to immersing oneself in a routine is the way to go. I thought I had done enough but there is no such thing as too much preparatory work.

You will all likely experience blood spots but, done correctly, discolouration, thrombosed veins, erectile dysfunction, etc. can be avoided.

Take care,



Hi Im new to PE. Now you have me worried.

Please explain. I some times get red or black spots but I thought

that this was not bad.

Here is a different take...

From jelqing (I do pretty intense jelqs) I have a certain amount of “bronzing” of my unit. It fades somewhat when I take off and returns to its prevous state after a few days of normal workouts.

I actually like the bronzing effect - looks a little more manly. Cheers.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


the red and black spots are to be expected. As long as they are not too big and clear up within a few days you should be fine.

FYI, I have had large blood spots appear, from intense jelqing and squeezes, that spread across an area as large as an American dime. If I started to jelq too soon before they fully healed they would rupture again and I would be forced to take more time off than I had bargained for.

The discolouration that I am referring to might be more or less permanent. It has been over a month since I have jelqed and it has only faded by about 15%. I have a caucasian dick with a very dark 2” band on the underside and creeping up both sides. I believe I have damaged some of the smaller blood vessels also. Read the “Help wrapping to remove discolouration” thread in the Injuries Forum for more information.

Don’t forget to warm up and you should be fine. Don’t do any extreme stuff until you gain many months of experience and have done a lot more reading. You can never read enough.

Take it easy,



I had a red blood spot which only was noticable when i was errect. This lasted for about 2 weeks :/

Bronze for me too, I guess I have to keep working until I earn the gold :)

Originally posted by RB
Bronze for me too, I guess I have to keep working until I earn the gold :)


I personally love the discolorization *shrug*

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I like the bronzing too. Looks out of place or un-natural in a good way hehe. But it’s when your glans/head becomes purple and gets cold from jelqing is when you have to lighten up : oops :

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I’m starting to develop a darkened band around my shaft that started from the underbelly and is now creeping around to the top. That’s the only thing my girlfriend has noticed since I started PE. I don’t like it, but I don’t know if it’s reverseable at this point. My cock used to have a healthy pinkish hue, now it’s startin’ to look “dirty”.

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discoloration? they didn’t mention THAT on the website i subscribe to for PE…in fact they don’t mention any unsavory side effects. here’s one for some of you that have gained a lot:

when you gain a few inches, the skin must move with the penis, enlarging as the penis does, but what if it starts lengthening just behind the patch of pubes at the base of the shaft and after gaining three inches of length, you have a circular patch of hair around your dick three inches from the base….how’s that for a bad side effect. anybody get this? why not? seems to make sense….

How about you read the Forum Guidelines (click the faq button at the top of the page) and then do a little reading of the forums themselves. Then you will probably have the answers to both of the questions you have posted so far.

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I live in the tanning bed so I willmost likely never notice.

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