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Some People More Prone to Discoloration --

Some People More Prone to Discoloration --

I started PE 3 months ago. I have spent dozens of hours reading over this forum and peoples’ experience with discoloration and the like. I have been doing tough manual clamping for about a month and a half now, I jumped right into moderately heavy excersizes without much conditioning because I was very eager.
I started clamping for about 30 seconds at a time and maybe some Horses then increased to a few minutes each time but today was the first time I really clamped for about 7 minutes with strong Horse440’s and I had 2 or 3 sessions of it.

Recently, if anyone has read my progress report, over the last week I have been doing heavy jelqs and clamping routines throughout the day that add up to a few hours each day.

Despite this and my newbie status, I haven’t experienced any discoloration. It’s only been a little over 3 months but I’ve heard of some people experiencing very easy discoloration just from some days of hanging or clamping…

It seems like some people are much more easily affected and so I’d like to hear from some people who have experienced discoloration and what it took for them.

So thats just it - If you have experienced discoloration what did it take - or, likewise, who has been clamping and such for a long time that really hasn’t experienced any of this.


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From what a read about discoloration is that it can happen when you clamp or do extreme excercises for too long in a session, killing skin cells.

You may gain quicker this way, but discoloration isn’t exactly a good thing.

Looks like you’ve jumped into it pretty quick and made some good gains. I’d slow it down a notch. You only have one dick.

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Some people bruise easily and some people don’t. There is probably a relationship between normal skin bruising and PE discoloration. They say vitamin C reduces bruising. Perhaps it would help reduce discoloration too. I’m sure it has been suggested many times by others.

If I do even moderate manual stretches 3 or 4 days in a row, I get discoloration on my foreskin.

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Good topic for a thread.

I’ve excluded some combinations, but here is a general list from least discoloration inducing for me to worst:

Hanging with a homemade Bib (darkening on the underside)
Wrapping for extended periods (aka wrapping for girth)
Two-handed squeezes (similar to Horse440’s)
Extreme Ulis (a form of clamping)
Extreme Ulis alternated with pumping
Super Extreme Ulis

Too much pressure under taut skin was the main cause. Not the only one, because the skin wasn’t under much pressure from wrapping.

Repeated red/purple spotting always led to long-lasting discoloration. However, spotting was not a prerequisite for discoloration. I’ve had it worsen without seeing any spots or temporary bruising.

I never had any discoloration between my circ scar and head until the stupid crazily extreme EU routine. Since then the area darkens easily.

The first time I noticed discolouration was from manual stretching. I have a strong grip which enables me to make the head change colour, nothing to serious. However add this with some hanging and I have received discolouration on the tip of the foreskin (part that connects to the head) and a bit at the bottom of the hole. This happened on my first or second time trying to hang for 20 min. I have decided to go with less more often to prevent this. I then went for a quick four day break where I jelqed to clear this up. It seemed to help and I am back to stretching with light hanging.

Are there any cases of black folks experiencing discoloration? Just curious, because I know most of us (black folks) don’t get tans/sunburn so I was also wondering if we had lower chances of going through discoloration.


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