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deatail of this stretch

deatail of this stretch

Hello guys,

I think this is great site especially for newbies or people who are on PE. Guys just had one more query and I sincerely hope people or my friends will help me out. Just downloaded a video of the exercise from this site. The exercise shows the person pulling his penis and the base of his penis is on his wrist. I hope you guys are getting me whta i want to say. pulling your penis with wrist as the fulcrum . guys one should do these exercise for how much secs or mins. Also guys as my penis is not so long can i do the above exercises resting my penis on my 2 fingers horizontal and then pulling it downwards. Will be waiting for ur reply guys

That is called an “A” Stretch. I believe it is good for stretching the ligaments.

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Uhh, yes you can use your fingers. You can use your fingers, a broom stick, a tree log, a car axle,etc. Yes, it is an A stretch as Franklin said, and yes, it does work the ligs.


I thought the A stretch was a focus on the tunica and the V stretch is for the ligs. So is it the other way around or what?

The A-stretch is simply a variant of the V-stretch. Any V-stretch in standard form will tend towards attacking ligs first assuming the downward part of the V is below LOT. Any inverted V-stretch including the A-stretch will tend to attack the tunica first if the upward part is above LOT.

This is just another way of saying if you stretch below LOT you’re hitting the ligs, otherwise you’re hitting the tunica.

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I like this diagram by Bib allot. It really clears things up about the stretching angles of the Tunica and Ligs. Just apply your LOT.

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Hello guys,

Can anybody explain what is the meaning of LOT?


I am still a newbie myself, but I think I have this LOT stuff figured out.

From what I understand, you stretch your penis vertically upward (toward your face) and then do a kegel (flexing of your PC muscle). You should feel the head of your penis being tugged back as yuo do this. Then, you slowly lower the angle of your penis and do the same thing again. Keep doing this, and at a certain angle, you will notice that the tug-back of your penis head will quickly drop off so that it only tugs back very little, or not at all. This is the angle where loss of tugback occurs and is formally known as your LOT.

The system for measuring LOT angle goes as follows: It is like imagining the hand of a clock going backward from 12:00 down to 6:00 (kind of odd, yes, but it works). At first, when your penis is pointing straight up toward your face, this is 12:00. When your penis is pointing straight outward from your body (ie. horizontal), this is 9:00. When your penis is pointing straight down toward the floor, this is 6:00.

I hope I got it right, and I hope this answers your question.


Think you have it. It a visual thing though more than a feel thing if you are comparing angles with others that will make a difference. So its the point at which you no longer see any tugback.

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Thank you guys for the information . Just wanted to know how much A stretches should the person do and the stretch shoul consists of how many repetitions and each stretch should last for how much secs?

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