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Curvature and angle

Curvature and angle

Can anything be done about a low curvature and angle when erect?

I'am with you

I have the same question but also wanna know if jelqing has any efect on

A curvature

I’m not sure if jelqing has any effect on curvature but I think it helps in the sense that the curvature look less pronounced when your cock is nice and thick as opposed to a skinny prig because then people will think that the only reason your penis is curving down is because it is so heavy, kind of like a bough of a tree. I think the best thing to do is just keep up PE and just kind of roll with the curvature in a literal sense. Those of us with downwards curves can hit different angle is the vagina. Next time you bone try this, in a missionary position get on top of her so that the penis is pointing almost directly downwards and let her hump it up and down. This will make the convex portion of your penis press up against her clit nice and hard and will stretch out her pussy like none other.

A curvature that does not interfere with sex and is not painful during an erection is not anything to be concerned about. In fact, a lot of women enjoy them because they allow you to hit spots other men cannot. And a surprising number of men have them.

Vacuum pumping helps to correct one with the right series of tube sizes; this is a long term commitment but can straighten you somewhat.

What you need to find out is this: is your curvature a classic Peyronie’s case or not? If you have palpable plaque at the point of the bend, that can worsen. Fortunately, most bends are not Peyronie’s and need no treatment.



Sorry avocet, but could you (or someone) please fill me in on what ‘Peyronie’s case’ and ‘palpable plaque’ mean.


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