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Stretching sequence and curvature

Stretching sequence and curvature

I am trying to straighten a left curvature (about 45 degrees). When I stretch, I notice my lift lig stretches a lot while the right doesn’t at all. So I hope that will help with straightening. Do any of you know of a particular stretching sequence (newbie routine) that may help more with this straightening goal? I guess what I’m saying is that I am doing the newbie routine, but I would like to know a little more about the sequence and timing of the stretches. (I’m one week in).

Also, when I read “jelq in the opposite direction of the curve”, I’m not really sure what that means exactly. Could someone give me a little more detail about grip, duration of jelq, angle of jelq, etc in regards to a straightening goal? Has anyone out there successfully straightened a significant curvature?

Re: curve correction

While relatively new to PE (1 month in), I know a little bit about modifying a curve.

Back in the day I was 6.0” NBPEL and had a pronounced downward curve. This served me well as I was able to hit the G-spot from behind with no effort. I also hit bottom pretty easily.

Since doing PE I’ve noticed that my once proud curve is gone and I want it back. I surmised that the combination of stretching plus slow jelqing (3 or more seconds) is what’s responsible.

How does this help you? Easy.

Don’t fight the curve, stick with jelqing and stretching for at least another month and let your body find it’s balance. When jelqing, make each stroke last longer than 3 seconds, starting the new stroke when the previous one is 75% along the shaft. After a month of this, slowly oppose the curve while jelqing, in the same way as one curls gift wrap ribbon with scissors.

Hope that works for you.


Yes, just keep it up and look for results after some months.

With the jelqing against the curve thing, it’s pretty vague… I’d rather look on it another way: This is an example, if your penis curves to the right your tissue on the left side is obviously bigger than the tissue on the right side. This is assuming the curvature comes from different size of the different sides of the CC, and I think this is a fair generalisation. So in the case of a curvature to the right you should try to emphasize your pressure on the right side of the CC.

I hope this was helpful!

NB! the reason for smaller tissue on one size might be scar tissue or increased chance for generation scar tissue at the given place. Therefore it should not be overdone as it might create more scar tissue easier and might increase the curvature since normal tissue will grow as expected.


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