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Raise erection angle and downward curve?

Raise erection angle and downward curve?

Hello to everyone. I’ve been reading the board for the past 2 weeks and am very happy I’ve stumbled across such a wealth of knowledge. I have been doing PE for the same length of time.

I have been taking it slow in the beginning. Listening to my body. Taking rest days as needed and slowly breaking into PE.

I’ve been doing a pretty basic workout. Warm up with a hot wash cloth, manual stretches, jelqing wet and dry and kegels.

My question here is, is there any focus, or any exercises to increase my erection angle, or at least straighten out the downward curve.

When erect my cock is at about 12 o’clock or just under. To add to it though I have a downward crescent curve. Think of a bridge. I have no curvature in the shaft to either side.

I am about 6.5-6.75 NBPEL and about 4.75 mid shaft. My lot is roughly 8 o’clock.

I have seen many upward angled erections and find it more pleasing to the eye. It also possesses “stronger” look to it. On top of that, I have been doing some reading, and this upward angle/curve may hold some advantage in pleasing a woman.

I ment to say 9 o’clock erection angle.

I doubt you’ll see an increase in the angle at which your penis leaves the body. If anything people seem to see the opposite. My erection angle changed very little if at all. I spent very little of my PE stretching downward (mostly using an inverted v-stretch).

Correction of your downward curve is a different thing (but not much easier to cure). There is the traditional jelqing against the curve, where you try to exert most pressure on the inside of the curve. I think this helped me keep my curve in check but did little or nothing more than that. You could also consider using a plumped bend to exert pressure on a single side of the tunica. Things like stretching and hanging may also help because the shorter side should stretch more.

With a traditional washcloth warm down you could spend a few minutes working heated plumped bends in.

Plumped bends are relatively advanced as an exercise and if you do them too early or with a full erection you may end up creating problems. Its probably worth waiting 2 months to add these.

Do you see the link here? In all these you are trying to work the inside of the curve more than the outside if you keep that in mind whilst doing a session you may progress more quickly down a very slow path.

There’s another problem. PE increases the quality of your erections, you become harder. So in the first instance you may actually see an increase in your curve.

Beyond that, has your curve been static for sometime or is it getting worse?

If its getting worse you may have to consider the possibility of peyronie’s disease, where PEing alone could exacerbate the situation.

I believe the curve is pretty much the same as it has been most of my life. To early into PE to say if it is causing more of a curve.

I understand and agree with you about keeping it simple in the beginning. I am approaching this very much like body building. I planned on moving to hanging somewhere around the 2 month mark.

So my cock will never reach for the sun eh. Such and so is life. Silver lining is its real good at hitting the front wall in doggie especially if I ‘raise’ up.

PE will almost definately increase the curve initially (in fact probably just doing kegels will do that). If you are edging or you clamp off at the bottom to exceed your maximum erection level, does your bend also reach its maximum?

Never say never Trips, just say the most difficult part of your PE program. You’ll get there if you work at it consistently for long enough. A lot of guys don’t have an exit angle not much higher then yours, they just have an upward curve that makes it look much higher.

Hi trips, welcome aboard. :)

Looks like you’ve spent some time to figure out how to do things right. That should serve you well in the long run. Better to gain at a slower pace than risk possible injury by doing too much too soon.

I can’t give any better advice than what Memento already has, I just wanted to stop in and say Hi, have fun and good luck!

Thank you for your responses.

Mem, I’m almost of the mind that it straightens out a bit the more internal pressure I apply. I will have to observe more.

I have also noticed that even beyond feeling the tuncia, when i am stretching, i feel the stretch in a small line on the skin that gets taught if i feel around while stretching. It runs from what I believe is known as the ‘turkey neck”’ to where my frenulum should be. (the butcher took the entire thing leaving a small thin scar in its place) I wonder if this has anything to do with it.

And maybe you can clarify a bit for me.

I have read that quicker initial gains are generally made through downward stretching to isolate the ligs. Given a medium lot (as best i can make out) of 8 o’clock, I have been focusing on the ligs at this point, but have been including some upward stretching as well. Actually i have been hiiting my stretches from all angles. Do you think I should focus more on the tuncia?

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