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Erection Angle.... any ideas?

Erection Angle.... any ideas?

Hi this is my first post on the site, i was wondering if anyone could give me some thoughts. I have an erection angle of around 2 o clock, however it kinda curves downward, and to the left (the left corpus carn… is bigger than the right which i think is contributing). If possible would i be able to do specific exercises to make the left curvature more centered? and also is there anything i can do to to try and increase erection angle? It would be good if it would touch my chest. Could i do exercises to help it bend backwards instead of downward too?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I’d like to know this as well. I have a downward curve as well and I’d rather have an upward curve if I can help it. Help us for those who know (sry for the hijack manic)

I also have this condition my cock bends downwards also..I’ve been reading the posts in this and others forums and the conclusion I’ve come to for straightening your unit, is to do erect bending or dld bends..I must warn that both of these exercises are dangerous to do if you have low PE experience, you can do some serious damage. Non the less be careful while performing these exercises, remember NOT to do them while fully erect.

Use the search on this forum I’m pretty sure you’ll come across some interesting stuff you need to know.

As for the erection angle, I’m not quite sure…but kegeling might help…If I’m out of step someone correct me…

If you’re concerned that your erection angle is too high, try focusing your jelqing, stretching, and/or hanging at lower angles, in an attempt to stretch your legaments. To fix the curve, go against it while performing your routine. For example, if your penis bends downard and to the right, jelq in a way that you are fighting that curve. In other words, while maintaining a stroke at a low angle (for your high erection angle), also stroke in a way that will bend your penis—ever so slightly—against its natural, but unwanted, curve. The idea is to cause more growth in the area that is smaller, than the realized growth in the area that is already larger than the other side.

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