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Correct way to measure

Correct way to measure

So, I’m not exactly sure how to measure my thang! I have what one woman has referred to as “g-spot model dick” which means I have some have found to be a nice upward curve. That said, when I measure, should I use a measuring tape (or something flexible like string) and hold it against junior so I don’t get a smaller measurement due to curvature?

Also, where do I start the measurement? I’m not sure how far down I should go. I’ve read some threads about “pressing into the pubic bone” but that sounds like cheating.

And what are these abbreviations I’m seeing? I’m assuming they are referring to flacid vs erect measurements as well as different locations of the measurements.

Thanks for reading dudes. I’m gonna go jelq my johnson.


Also, is a 1 inch gain in girth a realistic goal for the next few years?

1 inch girth might be on the high end, but it is reasonable over time. Welcome aboard!

I have been using a 12 inch kids wood ruler! Push it against the pubic bone and measure to the tip!! You can also measure with the same wood ruler from the skin to the tip!! It may be cheating or maybe not but is gives you a legit starting and finishing measure!

Probably one of the most important considerations is measuring the same way everytime whichever method you choose.

BPEL bone pressed erect length
NBPEL non bone pressed erect measurement
EG erect girth
FL flaccid length
FSL flaccid stretched length

If you forget, just hold your cursor over the acronym and it’ll tell you what it is.

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Awesome! Thank you all of you guys.

There was one measuring method I can’t seem to find anymore, but it’s basically where you start with your normal BPEL measurement, only instead of having the ruler flat against your penis you rotate the ruler 90 degrees so you have to look at it from the side. I find it yields a smaller measurement for me but it might just be more consistent - which is important.

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