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where is the correct place to measure for girth?

where is the correct place to measure for girth?

DO I measure at the base of the rod or further up like underneath the tip or “fireman’s cap”? Don’t people try to have a huge head too? So there is differnt sets of measurements I guess? What is the standard you are all speaking of when you give girth data?

I start at the bottom and move up the shaft, measure in three spots



I’d say the standard is probably your biggest reading or mid shaft.There was a survey done on the ez board a while back and I seem to remember the “standard” as being mid shaft using a cloth tape.

so does that mean you average the three figures Dino? Ok thanks for the help again!

I measure my biggest spot, or that is the data i give on the forum. It is at my base. But i measure in two other spots for my own info.

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