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concerned about possible Jelqing injury potential.....

concerned about possible Jelqing injury potential.....

Hey guys sorry to make another post. I was just thinking about jelqing. I dont want to injure myself. I have read alot of threads on this forum about nerves on the backside of the penis, veins etc. So im asking how can I avoid any injuries to these areas? If I only jelq 10 mins a day do you think I could still get injured? I squeeze pretty hard. Also does the head have to “inflate” for my jelqing to be done correctly? Im just wondering do alot of people do permanent damage like erection problems etc from jelqing. I just dont want to mess up my penis anymore while im trying to fix it from what the doctors did to me which is peyronies. I just dont know, I wanna try and fix my dented area but dont wanna risk injury, do most people only get a injury because they go at it to hard? Thanks guys

Just make sure you don’t jelq too hard and too much in the one go. Do it consistently. 10 mins should be fine. When jelqing just make sure your moving the blood around your penis.

well after really thinking……ive decided to post pone my PEing mission. Ive read some horror stories from searches on google, and although my penis isnt that and has a dent in it…..I can still get hard erections and function. I dont think unless my condtion ( peyronies) worsens greatly and I have no choice. Im sorry guys, im not trying to scare anyone or anything….I guess the side effect from the meds has sorta tramatized me….im always looking for side effects in everything now,lol. Im just not ready, I will have to wait and see how my condition goes. Thanks for all the help guys and best of luck in gains. Im sure I will still be lurking.

Newbie, you will NOT get a worn down, non-functional penis if you read a lot on this forum and try it out. Just don’t start too hard. Maybe do a few light stretches and light jelqing if you are really concerned. Once you know your penis can handle a bit more pressure and stress, add a bit more strength to your exercises. Hope everything works out :) Good Luck :)

sorry guys, I might try some very light strecthing and jelqing just to get started. I might work my way up. thanks for the advice

Yea I read it, am I using too much slang or something?

Oh, sorry about the spelling.

Newbie, gentle hint; capitalisation.

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