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First Signs of Potential injury

First Signs of Potential injury

OK I have read about how injuries may occur from stretching jelqing etc..

I want to do as much as I can to prevent this.

What are the early signs of knowing an injury may occur so that we can prevent this from making matters worse?

Always do your warmups and warmdowns. Achieve fatigue, but stay away from pain. Provide for adequate rest after a workout. Inspect your unit after each workout. Look for any strange discoloration or swelling. Granted, you may experience some discoloration or fluid buildup that is harmless, but anything that looks too extreme should be closely monitored. I would take a look at the injury forum we have here, because it is probably better to learn from the people who actually have suffered a PE-related injury.


Follow the newbie routine and resist doing too much too soon. Pe takes time, and if you hurt yourself, it takes even longer. Good luck.


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