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Let's talk about jelqing


Let's talk about jelqing

I would like to say a couple things about jelqing here, if I may.

I am finding that when you start jelqing, you really have no fucking idea of how it is supposed to be. For the first few weeks or even months, you are training yourself as much as training your dick about the art. After a couple of months, however, I think you should be “in the pocket” with jelqing and have a “good feel” for the exercise. At this point is when I refined and rethought the art and benefits of jelqing.

I believe jelqing is the cornerstone and foundation of making your dick huge. Those that do not overlook jelqing and simply treat it as a small portion of PE seem to be the ones that enjoy the greatest gains and have the most awesome stories to tell. For instance, ULI and Wadzilla’s friend. When you read their posts, you will find that jelqing is the center of their PE routine.

I also believe we must be in a state of “Constant Jelq”. What I mean by this is that our dicks must be constantly swollen, to a point of course, by our jelqing habits from either that day or the day before. I think that we MUST jelq every day. Yes even on the days off. That is what the great gainers did and we love to read their stories over and over, at this same time wishing that reading them will somehow make our cock look like Ron Jeremy’s danker. Well, the only way your cock will get 9” like ULI’s did is “consistency” and not only that, also being in a “constant” state of jelq and swollenness. Now I am NOT talking about jelqing hard and hurting the little guy. I AM talking about jelqing morning and evening for a minimum of 10 minutes. This is what I do because that is what my heroes have done, and I am enjoying the gains that I got into this hobby for. I am very close to some of my goals and plan to make new goals upon arrival of those measurements.

Back to this original topic of how to jelq, I say we jelq at moderate pressure, all the while looking at your dick and watching how the veins move and the head swells and the unit seems to grow in front of your eyes during your session. Visualization is a big part of gaining, in my opinion, as much as making sure you do it correctly is. I started off jelqing fast. 700-1000 per session and as I think that helped me with some gains, I now have slowed to 3-5 second jelqs with some fast ones, maybe 25-50 thrown in here or there. My member has gained in girth so much that I can no longer get it all into my fist as easily as I could before, so I must be careful because I now develop “wrinkles” that my hand can glide over and things can get pinched on a fast jelq and it can get quite sore. This is probably the main reason i had to slow down. I am glad, however, because at the end of my jelqing session, usually 10-15 minutes, my dick looks just like I want it to look. Much bigger than previous jelqing sessions of 700-1000 reps.

Also, I have found it good to put a finger on each side of my cock and push in on the fatty pad with one hand while the other does the jelq. As my cock has gotten bigger, it is easier to pinch things in a wrinkle or fold and this technique keeps everything laid out nice and smooth and tight. I feel I get a much better milk this way. It also ensures that my jelqs stay slow and deliberate.

Just my 2 cents guys. Take it or leave it as you may.
Cheers to you all. Do good things.

Your friend,


I’ll take it.

Vincent, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve tried a jelqing routine and a hanging routine and I have to say that jelqing has given me the most gains. Plus I think it’s easier on the unit as long as you slowly build up and condition it to higher reps. I do my dry jelqs at 80 to 90% erection and find that it works best for me. It’s not for everyone. I just updated my routine if anyone is interested.


Yeah, I am interested in your routine…….


Post #666 is creepy! Isn’t it?


I have been mixing ULI squeezes in with my jelqing sessions. I think I get much more out of the session like that.


Jelqing is really a unique exercise. Unlike stretching, hanging, or clamping, jelqing is a dynamic exercise that always keeps the blood in motion. I wonder whether that’s why it’s so effective.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I am trying to incorporate more Jelqing into my PE. Primarily I pump, but Jelq in between sets, for 2-3 minutes.

To build on Vincent’s thought “I am finding that when you start jelqing, you really have no fucking idea of how it is supposed to be,”, I agree. But I have NEVER been that comfortable with it. Often, although I don’t do it too hard, I feel like my cock gets rubbery and have difficulty getting a good erection after Jelqing. Do other people experience this? (Yes, I have searched on “rubbery” — mostly people talking about a loss of sensation rather than a bendy, rubber-like cock.)

Maybe it is the pumping COMBINED with Jelqing that causes problems for me?

Or maybe this rubberiness/erection problem is NOT really a problem? Good the Jelq experts advise?


ModestoMan, Yes it is unique. Yes, I do think that the bloodflow is important to su. If you think about it. That puppy just lies in your pants all day long. Gets pulled out to piss a couple of times and that is it besides sex. So getting that blood flow in there a couple of times a day, I think, is very instrumental to growth and as we call them, gains.

Commanderblop, I find that jelqing makes my dick firmer and fuller, especially if I do slow ones (3-5 seconds each). So maybe it is with the pumping, I don’t know. I do think you will become comfortable with it if you did it a lot more. Try doing it 10 minutes every morning and every evening. I think you will find it enlightening and fruitfull.

Thanks for the good input guys……


But what about my questions about rubbery-ness and erection difficulty?

After you Jelq, is it still easy to get a full-blown erection?

Do you know what I mean about rubbery-ness?


Well, I have never tried to get a full blown boner after working out. Are you wanting to have sex after your jelq session? Is that what you mean? I think my weener does not want to get hard after any of my sessions. Try edging for 1 hour with a cock-ring on and see if you can get a chubby afterwards. It just looks at you and says “You’ve got to be kidding”. Heh Heh

As far as rubbery, I think we mean the same thing. Kind of like a soft hot dog that has been boiled. Right? It is very full and harder to work with the more I jelq. Especally after 10-15 minutes of slow (3-5 second) strokes. This is when I usually stop because I have pinched and injured a vein before.

Ok, thanks for the response.

I DO have to get full-blown erections after Jelqing because my primary PE regimen is pumping, and I need to re-enter the tube with good wood. (I Jelq between sets.)

I will keep working at it (unless someone here talls me “bad wood means bad Jelq”…), just doing a Jelq-lite routine…


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Oh, can you jelq after the pumping???

I jelq after my edging and I feel like it is a good way to end the session.


While jelqing.. Do you have to point your penis straight out for best results, do you think jelqing straight up is just as effective, because thats the most comfortable for me, beit that my scrotumn skin on the underside of my unit is becoming the skin on my shaft, and I can get a much smoother stroke when I am jelqing upward.

And about 50% erect is proper for length gains/as opposed to a more full erection for girth gains correct?


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