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Cold Showers.

Cold Showers.

I have not taken a cold shower since I started PE would love to take one after the routine.

Question is does this affect negatively the exercise??? Maybe with a time delay???

I’ve been bathing with warm water ever since just not as hot as when doing the exercises but no cold water since and its summer.


Same as you I’m dying to get a good freezing shower , I don’t think its actually going to destroy your gains .. But ill let the experts answer your for that.

Now, I’m not exactly an expert. But in the years I’ve been at it I will say I avoid cold showers on days I do a routine. Heat helps. Cold inhibits. Basic PE rules as far as stiff tissue. Same for any exercise really.

Cold is a biological trigger to turtle for warmth. Same reason you have more trouble urinating outdoors in cold winter weather as opposed to summer.

But if cold kept you from gaining no one would ever gain in the winter time.

So my recommendation is avoid cold showers after a routine. And if you want my super smart insight, take one before your routine. Just add extra heat before you start.

If you don’t use heat in your routine don’t take a cold shower on a PE day. That’s my best recommendation in that case.

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Cool down did not work on me, but mine used to be different compared to a cold shower: it was more aggressive, with a washcloth dipped in ice.

In the end you could end up turtling for a few minutes and because it is hot there, penis will return to his usual flaccid size.

Like always, we have reports of people that benefits from cool down and those that don’t.

I’m not an expert, but I see no danger in experimenting the cold showers.

Good luck!

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My 2 cents is cold is excellent material in preventing injuries. Professional sports players always apply ice to their body after a game. They do sports for a living, I think that makes some sense.

Thanks all for your opinions.

Since I try to use heat as mush as possible I’m going to postpone the cold showers don’t want to risk the any negative backlash.


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