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Cold feet

Cold feet

Hey all,

First of all, I have had cold feet for over 5 years now, and I only started with PE 9 days ago.
I have smoked a lot in my life but also stopped smoking 9 days ago.

In the years that I’ve suffered from cold feet, I had days that it was extremely irritating and even painful, but I also had days that I didn’t feel any cold at all. The last year or two the cold feeling in my feet got worse and I also had the feeling I had a ‘cold penis’. It’s like my penis is tinkling or hasn’t got enough blood in it.

I first thought this was because of puberty or my hormones, but I’m almost 22 so I can hardly imagine it’s because of that.

Now, after PE, let’s say after like 15 minutes, I start to get cold feet and it feels like if my penis is cold too.
One way I could explain the feeling is that it feels like there is not enough blood in my feet AND in my penis, although I hot wrap my penis before and after PE for at least 5 minutes and shake it a little bit for the blood flow. But after 10 to 20 minutes it starts to feel cold and uncomfortable.

I seriously think this is NOT because of PE, since I’ve had cold feet for over 5 years and a ‘cold dick’ for more than a year before I started with PE.

Could it be that I just have low (or perhaps too high) cholesterol or low/high blood pressure?
Is there anyone of you that have (had) the same problem, and maybe some who found a way to solve this?

Because I’m actually thinking I won’t gain because of that feeling, and you know that if you think too much of a thing that you are actually believing it and eventually it’s possibly going to happen the way you think/believe it.

I would go to a doctor and have that checked out. From what you have described it sounds like a case of Raynaud’s phenomenon. It’s a condition that causes blood flow to the hands and feet to decrease temporarily. Usually this is in response to a change in temperature. Do your hands or feet ever itch when you get out of the shower?

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Also, it could be diabetes related. Diabetes causes poor circulation and cold feet. It could also cause erection problems. Like Sicuro said, go see a doctor.

No, not really (the itching). Silly enough I went for a walk, just returned home, and my feet are a little warmer now. Maybe I just need to use my feet more, like walking or running.. But I will go to the doctor as you advised me, then I think I’ll know what the problem really is and how to help it. Thanks for the advice man.

Hmm.. I do have some trouble getting an erection most of the time. In fact the best way to get one is when I wake up or when I have a random erection. If I try to get a hard on with porn or such, it feels like there’s just not enough blood in it. Also the last time I had sex I couldn’t get it up but I came anyway when she gave me head, it was like my penis got hard in a couple of seconds, ejaculated, then went small again.

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Hello Pepsi,

Perhaps you are dead that’s why you have a cold member. I believe you should start wearing slippers for your cold feet and switch from drinking Pepsi to cock sorry I meant Coke.

Jokes aside, go get yourself checked.

It’s a bit weird what’s happening to you I mean you are 22 and already suffering from “E.D” (perhaps it’s just anxiety). I sometimes do get cold hands and feet, if I do not move them for like 20 mins. I get them at 1 or two in the morning when it is very cold. It never bothered me, I wear socks at night so that my feet are kept warm. I guessed it is something that happens to people. Still you should get yourself checked out for your “cold penis” syndrome.

Take care.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Hey padawan, as I don’t fully speak and understand English like Americans or Englishmen, could you explain the word ‘anxiety’ to me please? Does it has something to do with getting older, or am I totally wrong here? But anyways, I will see my doctor this or next week, depends on the mood I have. But that’s one thing I fear, to pull my pants down at the doctor and show him my fella.. Usually but not always, when I’m stressed, my penis gets a bit smaller than usual.. And I think that if I tell him about my cold unit that he will have to take a look at it anyway. Oh well, I’ll gather some courage together and go see him. Thanks for the advice man.

anxiety veut dire que t`es anxieux, stresse.

Tu pense trop a tes problemes quand tu fais l`amour que tu n`arrive pas a bander.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Aha.. Yes I understand now. And yes, I am really stressed most of the day. There is really no reason actually, why I stress so much. It sometimes occurs when I’m walking on the street, when watching TV.. I even had my hearth scanned in the hospital once, nothing wrong, according to the hospital I had a very healthy hearth. Doctors also have no clue how or why..

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to live with it, sadly enough.
By the way, are you French? :)

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