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Cold showers

Cold showers

I started did the beginner routine today (the one in the sticky) and I was wondering. Am I allowed to take cold showers, or would that for some reason stop me from making gains? I take them for sports purposes (muscle recovery/ soreness) as I play college football

I don’t see a reason not to.

Cold showers may actually help boost testosterone production. Sorry but im too lazy to find any sources but i have read a few articles in the past that have supported this.

"That's all it takes, really. Pressure, and time."

From Ball Zinger (Blakoe Ring) - 2002 Site - Tom Hubbard

“The specialist examined my testicles and penis function and found no particular problems and said I should be able to father children. He gave me a check list to help increase my testosterone and sperm count and its quality and quantity.

Stop smoking
Wear loose, or no underclothes
Stop drinking spirits
Do light exercise
Stop taking tranquillisers
Eat more fruit and vegetables
Spray cold water onto testicles (yuk)

I just sleep with my sack outside of my boxers. They get cold and stay cold. Feels nice.

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