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Circumcision effects

Circumcision effects

Hey guys. I have a question.

Does sex feel better for the guy if he’s uncircumcised or it doesn’t really matter? I have an issue and it might be possible that the doctor recommends circumcision. Will circumcision have the effect of decreasing the sexual pleasure?

Being circumsised does slightly reduce the feeling of the glans but it isn’t the surgery that does it. It is the rubbing in your underwear that desensitizes the glans over time. I don’t think I’d say it decreases pleasure but the glans does become less sensitive.

I imagine your brain compensates for any physical loss of sensitivity. Cut guys definitely don’t enjoy sex any less or have trouble getting off. For me, I would avoid it unless it’s needed, and then I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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I was circumcised at 19. It really makes no difference to pleasure at all. Your brain does compensate.

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I also have heard that the rubbing underwear makes the glans skin a little less sensitive but it’s no big deal, see to the positive side of it your dick will get easier to clean, and a little less sensitive may give you a few minutes more on sex, and makes it easier to use extenders, now my particular experience I was circumcised at 12 and 2 months after the surgery I got like 1-1.5 inches not sure if is the age or the surgery but I guess it helped a lot

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