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Change of routine

Change of routine

I’m currently starting my 6 month of consistent PE, which I am very happy about. I have not been this consistent on previous attempts. My routine was newbie routine at the beginning and over the past 5 months have increased times of stretching and jelqing. At the end of month 4 I was at 10 minute stretch followed by 17 minute jelq. For month 5 I bought a clamp and clamped prior to the workout for about 7-10 minutes. I would do my routine as follows


I saw gains at the end of month three, around .25 inches maybe a little less in length. No noticeable girth gains, but i have not used a condom in awhile since my gf is on BC, and when i used one a few nights ago it did feel a bit tighter than usual. I never had any negative PI’s, would usually have morning wood, and flaccid was always pretty big compared to when I was not doing PE.

The point is, I am going to switch up my routine to 5 on 2 off.

I think I will clamp for 10-15 minutes
Then 10 minute stretch
Followed by a 12 minute jelq

I’m thinking the decrease in jelq time will be fine with the new routine, I don’t want to over do it. I do feel my penis is very well conditioned, even from the start and maybe this is why I am a hard gainer. When I clamp, I measure girth and the increase is very small, I dont know why, I feel it is on pretty tight and my penis is rock hard.

So anyways, I’m looking for some suggestions from some of you vets, any tweaks to the routine, maybe some workouts I should add?

Thanks guys

I think you are bit low on stretch and jelqs. You are more interested in girth, right? Maybe, if you have a stiff tunica, pumping could be a better option than clamping.

Ill take whatever I can get marinera haha, but I guess your right I am a bit low on stretches and jelqs. I rather gain some length first actually. I was thinking clamping would weaken my tunica, then I would hit it with the stretches and jelqs. Maybe increase clamp time also along with jelq and stretch time? I am not sure if i would ever want to get into pumping.

I think increasing jelq and stretch is the first thing to do. About clamping, it should be the last resort, because is so intense. Generally speaking, the harder your TA, the longer the time under pressure that should be used - not necessarily high pressures, because the penis will react becoming even stronger.

So, if you like clamping, I’d say longer and/or multiple sets but at moderate pressure could be a better approach than clamping for short time at high force.

As I clamp I usually watch porn and I eventually get an erection. So for less pressure I guess don’t close so many notches? And you think its best to do this before my stretches and jelqs right? have you clamped? if so what kind of time and set number would you suggest at a moderate pressure?

Nothing can replace the trial and error. My guess is that if you have a stiff tunica clamping at 70-80% of erection can give a better expansion, if you are looking for immediate visual feed-back. I’d say try 3 sets of ten minutes each, with a brief rest between sets, and build up to 6 sets of ten minutes (supposing you have the time for all that work) over the course of weeks.

Another good exercise for girth is the dry-jelq - have you tried? Out of curiosity, what are your stats?

Think on opening a progress report log, many find it very helpful - members tends to be pretty supportive here.

I have tried the dry jelq and wasn’t a huge fan. I have to masturbate before I jelq and stretch, so I have been clamping and then finishing after clamping. But I guess I can clamp but not put to much focus on my penis and keep it around 70-80% I guess. My stats are 6.5 BPEL x 4.7 Girth..I am happy with my size and my GF absolutely loves it. But I would love another 1” and least get my girth to 5”.

So with this clamping am I closing clamp fully, and trying to maintain 70-80% or closing it less fully? i guess i can figure it out with a little practice.

I suppose I could start a progress log, and the members here are very helpful, I’m grateful for all the help I have received already.

Marinera, as I am typing this I am trying your suggestion with the clamping haha. Before when I was 100% or beyond that with my erection, and it was literally hard as a rock, with the 70-80% as you suggested it should be pretty plump but squeezable? right?

Yes. :)

Thanks and one more question guys..this is my 6th month of PE, how many jelqs per day (5 on 2 off schedule) do you think I should be at?? When I was on the 2 on 1 off schedule, during month 4-5 I was doing 340 jelqs per day about. I feel my penis is well conditioned. Keep in mind prior to the jelqs i will be doing 3 sets of 10 min clamping and 10 minute stretch.

I would alternate : 1 day clamping, 1 day jelqs.

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