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A routine would this work?

A routine would this work?

I’m still new at this and experimenting to see what is going to work best for me. I tried pumping. After that I did manual stretches and jelqing. After that a combination of the three.

Now, I’m hanging and clamping. I hang for 20 minutes, take a break, repeat…
Then I clamp sometime later. ADS weights are used intermittently throughout the day.

This is all very time consuming. I was wondering about perhaps streamlining things a bit by combining my efforts. I’m trying to tweak things a bit to be the most effective I can be.

How does this sound? Hang 20 minutes, Pump 20 minutes, Clamp 10 minutes. Take a break then wear the weights until time for the next session. Do three sessions each day. Would doing it this way be effective or is it best to keep hanging close together without other interventions in between?

Length is an issue, but girth is most important. So far, I’ve gained somewhat from whatever I’ve done. Pumping seems to have given the best results. As stated in previous threads, I don’t believe it’s real growth though. I think I just broke loose some old adhesions from a childhood penile surgery to allow me to be the size I was supposed to be (still too small though).

Input on this routine?

You are doing way too much. I have never liked combing too many methods, but if you are going to do it, just do one circuit, not three. I would also give the ADS weights a rest for a while. You will very likely be surprised to find out that less is more.

Thank you gprent. So much information, so much to sort out.

I do keep reading that sometimes less is more, and that there is need to leave something to advance to later on. Then I read the BIG success stories where it seems as if someone simply had too much time on their hands and devoted most of each day to PE. I do have a few hours a day to commit to hanging or clamping while doing my housework and can do the pumping while taking little 20 minute breaks.

I am probably getting in too big of a hurry, but this morning I was reminded why I’m trying so hard…perhaps too hard. I was with my wife and put the clamp on and her reaction to penetration was simply magnificent.

I think I’ll pay attention to the experts though because I don’t want to push it to the point where the little guy runs up inside my belly to hide.

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