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Cementing Gains

Cementing Gains

I recently restarted PE right before Christmas after really beginning in January of last year. I only did it a couple months, only enough time to really learn how to stretch, jelq, and squeeze properly. Now that I’m starting again I’m excited to really get down to business this time especially sense I know how to do the exercises the right way. I’m starting off 6x5, I feel very average, but want to get up to the famed and sought after 8x6.

Just some questions and concerns that hopefully some vets can help me out with:

I have read around that guys often loose gains once they stop PEing. Do you usually loose all the gains you make or just some? Does it depend on the person?

I assume that a maintenance routine is something that guys do to keep their current gains while taking a break before they push on to their next plateau. Is this right?

I also have read posts speaking of “cementing gains.” how exactly to you accomplish this? I am inclined to think that you just PE to a certain point above your goals to allow some room for loses once you stop. Am I right in this?

I really appreciate all the help with this topic as I am very exited over improving my unit. I just don’t plan on PEing for the entirety of my existence. I am young so PE for EQ really doesn’t cross my mind so maybe I will change the way I feel about that in 25 years or so, we will see. I have just read so many amazing success stories (YGuy, Dino9x7, etc.) that I can’t resist the thought of reaching for the stars.

After reaching your goal, you cannot just stop PE and expect to keep your gains. You have to do maintenance. How much maintenance is as individual as gains. I personally will do light maintenance for the foreseeable future.

Maintenance is basically newbie routine or other exercises but not as intense as routines designed to gain.

However, once you experience the gains, you will want to do PE. It becomes a habit. A good habit.

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

I understand that some loses will happen. It’s just like when you stop hitting the weights your muscles will shrink up. For instance, when I stopped working out for a year I lost a good deal of strength and muscle definition but I still retained my frame and most of what I built in High School. I get the feeling it’s about the same with PE. I find it hard to believe if YGuy completely stopped, which he might well have by now, that he would shrivel back up to 4.5x3.5. Don’t you think that it is reasonable to assume that you retain a certain percentage of gain? And if so, couldn’t you just PE to about an inch above your goals for both length and girth to allow for shrinkage? Or am I just crazy?


I have taken time off from PE and not lost my girth gains. I do lose a little length (1/4 inch), but that is simply lig tightness and if I stretch for a week or so it comes back.

In my mind, edging is what helped me cement my gains. Basically I try to maintain a very hard erection for at least 30 minutes, I would do that three or so times a week.

Interesting, I didn’t consider edging for a extended period of time as a useful tool. It would make sense though that it could help the process. I will test this out. Thank you for the info.

Night wood spontaneous erections will help too.

I have been trying post workout traction wrapping for the last week using first aid wrap (the tape version of an ace wrap). I already see a huge difference in my flaccid growth. Plus the first aid wrap is so gentle and thin I can keep it on all day and night and it allows for expansion when I get erections and is loose enough to let my dick breathe but tight enough to keep it stretched and in “post workout form.” I really like it were this is headed and I’m only two weeks into my serious routine.

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