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Cementing gains

Cementing gains

How should someone cement his gains and how can I know if my gains are cemented or not,I am looking to have a goal thats is slightly higher than what I am looking for then stop pe or at least just do it from time to time,or is pe a life long quest so whenever someone stops doing it he will be loosing all his gains back to where he started?

Good question.

There are a number of threads indicating people who thought they had cemented gains losing some amount of their gains. Wadzilla’s is the latest of these.

Then there are other people who’ve maybe lost a bit soon after stopping but have been stable for a number of years.

It’s a good plan to head above your final target and it’s probably a good plan to stop gradually.

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Look at the bottom of this very same page.

I looked but didnt get what I am looking for though I have learned some,well does measuring my el the day after peing a good time to know if I had any gains?? If I stopped peing totally will I loose all my gains or just little ones?? Thanks

If one stops doing PE right after gains are achieved, often they disappear. New gains needs to become ‘stable’, if it’s clear what I mean. This is true for most of PEers. Generally speaking, gains become stable if one keep doing his work for at least 2 weeks after gains become measurable.

If cemented gains are permanent, it’s a different question. Many believes that most of gains achieved are permanent, others believes the opposite. The good news is: once you achieve gains and you lost them, they come back easily if you start again PEing.

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Well from what I knew erect length gains specially are due to ligament and tunica stretching which by time should be deformed completely so that should mean that gains specially in length should be long term gains,right

We don’t know how penile growth exactly happens. We just know it happens. There are many threads about the growth topic, you can see some of them in my ‘favorites’; they are good if you like intellectual entertaining, but if you are searching for definitive responses, you can jump over them.

I think the best bet would be some feedback from guys who did pe and stopped it completely later on or at least did only pe every now and then.


This is a curious question of cementing gains. I think mostly because there isn’t a hard science to this yet that a lot of things haven’t been established. For example when I started doing PE I was 16 years old and was about 5.5 long and 5 in girth. I was up to 7 (6.85) and then I stopped for a bit I noticed I shrunk down to about 6 after a month. I’m 23 right now and I’ve been doing PE off and on for the last two years (a week here, or kegels there) I’m just starting to get back onto the saddle (joined the forum in hopes of continuing). Right now I have a wide range, I go from 6 to 6.5 constantly when I’m erect and if I’m ‘edging’ (work to the point where I almost cum and then stop) I almost get to 7.

From my personal observations would suggest that there is limited stretching of the ligaments or they in resilience redact the work however I achieved some gains and when my blood is really pumping get larger. One thing to know is I stay pretty much around 5.5 in girth, I gained that rapidly in the beginning cause I jelqed all the time and I stopped and went straight to stretching. I also found kegeling helped, I noticed an increase (even by feel) when I started doing kegels every day constantly, so perhaps a good idea is for a few folks to stretch and once they loose the ability to gain to start doing kegels 400% more a day, building muscle mass there should allow for more doctor here but just making a suggestion to see.

I am looking for feedback from guys who stopped after a while,did you loose or your gains?

I have read that thread before but anyway thanks.

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