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Can You Get Varicocele From PE


Can You Get Varicocele From PE

Is it possible to get varicocele (varicose vein in testicle) from stretching/jelqing?

My Urologist told me the heaviness/pain in my left testicle is probably varicocele or epididymitis (no UltraSound conducted). He told me to wear briefs and to take antibiotics in case it’s epididymitis. I’ve been waiting/healing for nearly three weeks (no PE), and though it’s improving, I still have mild pain/aching in left testicle on and off. Anytime I stretch my penis outwards I immediately feel a little pain in testicle again. Since I’m 8 days into the antibiotics and there’s still pain, I’m assuming my problem is not epididymitis.

If you have varicocele - does this mean you must end stretching/jelqing for good, or will it start to feel better again and I can resume?

I haven’t told the Urologist about PEing, so I’m dying to find out if anyone has had this problem and how it progressed?

I have a mild varicocele and never have experienced any kind of discomfort caused from PE. In fact, I think that jelq and kegels, if done with moderation, can improve blood flow in your pelvis area, wich can be helpful. However, if you are into the antibiotics because you still have pain, it´s wise to wait until it gets better and stop hurting. Then you can resume with your routine, I don´t think that a varicocele can be a problem with PE.

Thanks for your response navarro. I’m relieved to hear that I probably won’t have to quit PE for good. I had an intense week of stretching/jelqing leading up to this - probably too intense - and then a lot of sex that entire weekend. It has been hell since then.

I had been hoping my problem was epididymitis, because then the antibiotics would completely take care of the problem, but I’ve only got a day and a half left of antibiotics so I’m wondering if I must have varicocele. Usually antibiotics seem to kill infections much quicker than this.

Here are some of my symptoms:
- I had a fever just the first day that the pain started (cold sweats that one night)
- Heaviness in left testicle
- Mild pain/aching in left testicle and occasionally right testicle
- Testicles have been hanging a lot lower than usual (since I’ve switched to briefs they are starting to look normal again)
- Anytime I stretch my penis outwards I immediately feel a little pain in testicle and ligs
- *When I’m fully erect (rock hard) I sometimes get pain in testicles
- *When I cum I sometimes get pain/weird feeling in right testicle

* The pain here can usually be alleviated by using my hand to provide support for the testicles

Does this sound like varicocele to you? Any other symptoms I should check for?

Thanks again.

I have varicose veins in my left testicle. I’ve had them since I was about fifteen. It doesn’t really affect my PE at all. Every once in a while it hurts while I’m hanging, but not enough to make me stop. I agree with navarro, it isn’t really a problem with PE. My doc also told me that it’s possible that varicose veins in the testicle may cause infertility, in which case they can be removed. I personally am thinking about having mine removed because I have very low hanging balls, and the varicose veins are visible, and gross looking. I wish I could take a pic to show everyone how gross they look. I’d say you have nothing to worry about as long as the lumps aren’t on your testicle, just around it.

Well, when I discovered I had a varicocele, I experienced some of these symptoms:

Originally Posted by sm
- I had a fever just the first day that the pain started (cold sweats that one night)

I never had a fever.

Originally Posted by sm
- Heaviness in left testicle
- Mild pain/aching in left testicle and occasionally right testicle

Yep, I had all that. You also feel your left testicle like burning inside, or a little warmer than the other one.

And finally..

Originally Posted by sm
* The pain here can usually be alleviated by using my hand to provide support for the testicles

Hmm… with this I smell a varicocele, but don´t worry a lot of men have them. They are not the big deal, and can be removed with an easy operation if they become an issue. However, only your doc can tell you for sure if that is your case. Anyway, if I were you, I would take a rest from PE for at least one week, because I only had that symptoms for about 15 or 20 days. After that, I feel completely normal, only sometimes I feel a little discomfort if I stand for a long time, but I can live with that.

You can do a search here at Thunder´s Place or Google…

Thanks you guys for your help. I feel really fortunate to have found some people who can speak from experience about this.

Navarro, for a few days I did have a really warm feeling on my left testicle. Also, after it was feeling much better one day, my wife and I walked 10 miles on the bike trail and both of my testicles were aching like hell during the walk back.

I’ve been Googling for hours on varicocele, but there’s a few questions I can’t seem to get answers for:

1. Have you guys ever felt a pain or soreness in your testicles when rock hard or during ejaculation? I’m wondering if this is something unrelated - maybe another PE injury? Does that sound like a varicocele problem?

2. Do you both have to wear briefs (all the time) instead of boxers, or are you able to wear boxers?

3. Also, does jelqing ever produce occasional pain to the varicose vein, or is it just hanging/stretching that creates occasional pain?

4. Do you think my intense PEing that week coupled with my sexually active weekend made an already existing varicocele erupt in pain, or is it possible that I could have actually damaged a vessel doing PE/sex that actually created a varicose vein? Have you guys ever been too intense with a workout which resulted in a lot of pain in your already existing varicose vein?


Hey, I am a med student so I thought I would help you out with your problem. There are two points I want to make here:

1. I cannot give a 100% diagnosis as I only have your history (you describing your symptoms). I would need to actually examine your scrotum and testicles to get a better idea of what you have. But since I can’t do that, I’ll give it my best shot. Based only on what you have said, it is very hard to differentiate between epididymitis and a varicocele. Both will give a heavy feeling in a testicle (sometimes both testicles) that is relieved by you supporting your testicles with your hand. Both can give you pain and both can make your testicles hang lower. Neither of them traditionally produce any pain when you manipulate your penis in any way. The only symptom you have that would suggest one or the other is the fever. You would get a fever with epididymitis, but not with a varicocele. However, your fever only lasted one day. Did your fever go away on it’s own after one day or did you take the antibiotics after one day and that caused the fever to go away?

2. It is highly unlikely that any of the exercises you are doing would cause a varicocele. The blood supply to your penis and the blood supply to your testicles originate in completely different places. If you were manipulating your penis really forcefully and somehow interrupted it’s blood supply, it would have absolutely no effect on the blood supply to your testicles. Since a varicocele is a dilated vein in your scrotum, something would have to happen to the testicular blood supply to cause a varicocele, the penis’ blood supply has nothing to do with it.

Obviously, you should follow up with your urologist. Finish your antibiotics. Right now, if you still have a heavy feeling in your scrotum, then there should be a palpable mass in your scrotum. If you can find this mass, you can try feeling it if you want. A varicocele will feel like a bag full of worms, while epididymitis will feel just like a mass (it won’t have that wormy feel to it). If you’re willing to try finding your epididymis/varicocele, make sure you are extremely gentle.

I hope this helped. This is my opinion as a med student, I am not a urologist. Your urologist has gone through med school, residency, and has experience in his/her practice. I only have 2 years of med school. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

Thank you so much for you post. This is a great site! I would never find this level of expertise and experience at any other one.

My fever/cold sweats went away after the first night on its own, though my temperature was under 98.6 thereafter (97.8 one time and 98.1 in doctor’s office). I didn’t go to the doctors for another week, so the fever was gone about a week and a half before I started antibiotics.

I just finished my antibiotics last night. Most of the pain is now gone, though the testicle pain still occurs from time to time, like if I do a penis stretch or from sitting the wrong way (I guess). I’m not sure if the pain subsided due to the antibiotics or the briefs. I switched back to boxers one day last week and my testicle was sort of aching again by evening, so I switched back to briefs.

Regarding the antibiotics: is a 10 day supply of antibiotics (two pills a day) a large enough dosage to cure epididymis? If it is, then I’m starting to think I may have varicocele. I guess I could have had both. With the intense stretching and jelqing, I guess it’s possible I could have had even an injury somewhere in the mix. My ligs still get sore with a slight penis stretch (after three weeks of being on the sidelines).

As I mentioned before, hard erections and ejaculations produce some pain in my testicles as well. If I take my hand and support my testicles during the erection/ejaculation then the pain is alleviated.

Man, you should become a Urologist. If you were local I’d want you as my doctor. I still haven’t been able to tell my Urologist that I PE, because I’m afraid he’ll think I’m a freak. That would be really cool - having a Urologist that PEs and knows the ins and outs of potential probs.

By the way, this is something that has been bothering me for about three weeks. If I were to have epididymis, how would I have gotten it? I’ve been completely faithful to my wife and we use condoms when having sex, though no condoms with oral. I’ve been trying to get my wife to go in for a physical. Should she take antibiotics just in case, or should they test her for something? I’m 100% confident that she’s been faithful as well.

Thanks again.

Again, since I just have the history of your illness and no physical exam findings, I cannot make a definitive diagnosis. There are a lot of other tests that should be done to determine what you have. I can still answer your questions though. If your doctor wrote you a 10 day prescription of antibiotics, that was probably sufficient. Assuming you have/had epididymitis, there could still be some residual inflammation causing the pain. Usually, it takes about 2-4 weeks for the pain to completely go away. The common therapy in addition to antibiotics is an anti-inflammatory (Advil or Aspirin, not Tylenol), ice, and rest. Give it a little more time and see if you feel better before jumping to any conclusions.

If you do/did indeed have epididymitis (which is not certain, you could have a varicocele), it is usually caused by bacterial migration through the vas deferens (the tube which transports sperm from your epididymis to your urethra) into your epididymis. Most of the time it is due to the organisms that cause gonorrhea and chlamydia, which are sexually transmitted diseases. But if both you and your wife have been faithful and you use condoms every single time you have sex, then there is absolutely no way you could have gotten gonorrhea or chlamydia unless either you or your wife have had it before and never had it treated. Epididymitis can be caused by other types of bacteria as well. As far as your wife, if she feels fine, she should not take antibiotics.

One last thing, please please please do not take my advice in place of that of your doctors’. You gave me way too much credit in your last post. I do not know the ins and outs of penis enlargement exercises and whether they can cause long and short term injuries. In fact, I have never tried any penis enlargement exercises on my own. I just used my knowledge to try and help you out with your problem. If you continue to have the pain and it does not seem to be getting better, you need to go back to your doctor. If he is a good doctor at all, he will understand if you tell him about you doing penis enlargement exercises. In fact, doctors and med students hate it when patients withhold information from us, it makes our job that much harder. I’m here if you have any more questions, but I think you should really be talking to your doctor about this. Thanks.

Thanks zyx, I appreciate your help. You’ll be a great doctor.

Just as a followup for the benefit of others with similar problems:

I finally got my health insurance and so I got the UltraSound. It appears the problem was NOT varicocele or epididymitis.

I have calcification - which is some kind of hardening in the testicles by calcium buildups. I’ve been reading on the internet and it appears to be caused by prior infection or testicular trauma. I THINK the body tries to render the infection or trauma harmless by coating them with calcium.

I’m going to visit the Urologist next week and he’s going to be explaining it all to me then. Thought it might be of interest to those who have the symptoms of varicocele or epididymitis, but haven’t seen a doctor. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for the update. I have some Vericose viens to the left of my unit, the doctor had informed me that they shouldn’t be a problem. If they become a problem, then they can be removed with surgery. If I did have it before, it didn’t start acting up until after my first few weeks of PE. It hasn’t bothered me since then at all, so I suspect it isn’t a problem. I would suggest to everyone who does feel pains in their pubic region after starting PE to get checked out.

However, my Urologist also mentioned that it is actually common in men to have Vericose.

Originally Posted by sm
Is it possible to get varicocele (varicose vein in testicle) from stretching/jelqing?

Yeah you can destroy your dick with PE if your not careful, remember slow and steady wins the race and has a working healty bigger dick in the end.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I have varicocele in my left testicle. Its been there since I can remember, but probably my early teens. I have never felt any pain or discomfort whatsoever from it. The only thing I do remember is having to ‘show it off’ on a first fuck date and feel a bit self conscious, although when erect my scrotum appears almost ‘normal’. On my first ‘diagnosis’ I went to my doctor who sort of passed it off with a ‘oh its varicocele and nothing to worry about’. I have often wished I could get it removed by surgery but as time marches on, and at the age of 38, now its just ‘one of those things’. On reading most literature on the subject it seems to almost rear its head during the early teens. I will take a photograph at the earliest opportunity.

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