Just to keep you posted (all those experiencing signs of varicocele or epididymitis).

It turns out the doctor’s office was wrong when they called me and told me the results of my UltraSound. They said I do not have varicocele. I then met with the doctor and he confirmed that the UltraSound didn’t show varicocele, but said that he had felt it before, during the last examination. He said that calcifications were also found throughout both of my testicles in the UltraSound.

Funny, he had told me the previous visit (before the UltraSound) that he believed I MIGHT have varicocele, but wanted to use the UltraSound to see exactly what I had. The UltraSound comes up negative for varicocele and now he says that I DO have varicocele (because he felt it before), and that he thinks that is the reason for my pain, not the calcifications, though he isn’t 100% sure that the calcifications aren’t contributing somewhat to the pain. There’s nothing he can do about the calcifications, but indicated I now need an UltraSound 4 months after the last and then 6 months after the next, because all the calcifications could be a sign of a forming tumor. He offered to do the varicocele surgery if the pain was intolerable.

Sounds like he doesn’t REALLY know what’s been creating the pain I’ve experienced in the testicles. Sounds like the symptoms are suggesting its varicocele to him, even though the UltraSound doesn’t show it. I haven’t told him about the stretching/jelqing, so I have to wonder if I injured myself somehow, and the UltraSound isn’t exposing the injury.

This is so frustrating. I still get pain from stretching and a milder pain when I jelq. I just don’t even see how what I do with my penis could produce pain in the testicles.

After the next UltraSound in October, I think I’ll get a second opinion.