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Can you do just various stretches?

Can you do just various stretches?

I know some say jelqs help with length a little, but arent they mostly for girth. I really dont want more girth (gf complains about that). More length would be good, what routine for length?


Jelqing does both and not just a little. Girth is difficult to attain for many, so jelqing tends to end up a length gainer for most. You can do only stretches if that’s what you want. Try them for a while and see if you gain. If not, you may want to add jelqing back to the plan.

Length routine:

7x3 min regular stretching
2x3 min invented v stretching
2x3 min two way stretch
4x15 JAI stretches
10 min low intensity (20-40% erection) jelqing

This has given me great length gains while no girth gains. Might work for you too.

I’ve been doing PE for three years. I started stretching and jelqing but I feel that the jelqing increased more girth than length and I really want more length right now. I’ve increased 2 inches with just manual techniques. You can see my routine and pics by clicking below.

2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

Start: (6-27-03/at age 45) 3.75" BPEL, 4.75 EG". Current: 6" BPEL, 5.5" EG ... Update (2/2010): My current love doesn't want me any bigger... can you believe it? So, I've decided to take a break from PE. But I'm still happy to inspire people and respond if you contact me.

My Pics

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