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JAI stretches - howto question

JAI stretches - howto question

Ok so I read the article and see that AI stretches are in essence, 2 second stretches that help avoid stretch reflex correct?

So doing 3 sets of 15 or so JAI stretches seems to be in a lot of routines

So let’s say my first set is doing stretches in a circle - do I stretch and rotate for 2 seconds and then let go for a few (4-5?) and then stretch again?

2 seconds isn’t a lot of time to get what I’d qualify a “good stretch” so I imagine an AI stretch is rather quick? Seems most of the 2 seconds is pulling it or letting go?

Johan, you also mentioned you suck in your stomach and flex your abs?

Does this need to happen for the AI stretch? Just getting started I found it hard to coordinate sucking in, flexing, stretching, unflexing, exhaling, and releasing my stretch.

It’s turning out that I’m just not going to be able to spend free time hanging. Being able to do JAI’s for about 5 times a day is very easy and if I can find an all-night stretching tool that will keep with me as I turn over or sleep-toss, I think I may be able to constantly fatigue the ol ligs.

Anyone find a good all-night stretching tool that survives a night of rough sleep?

Thanks for the help guys, if AI stretching is really working, it may be the PERFECT alternative for thos ethat can’t stretch for a couple hours a day (or even a solid hour) but want that length.



I pull and pretty much start a rough count of “one thousand one, one thousand two” when I reach the end of the pull. I then relax for a 3-count.

I am currently doing 10 sets of 10 reps, once a day. Believe me, you’ll start to feel it.

I also you latex surgical gloves to get a quick and good grip on the ol’ ween. Makes a huge difference.

Johan mentioned to me that the gut-sucking and breathing was more a timing thing. It has no bearing on the stretch reflex one way or another.

Thank GOD!

the pulling and resting is CAKE and I’m doing 3 or 4 stetches each time I pee which comes out to be about 7 or 8 times a day (drink a gallon of water and you’ll feel my pain!).

I’ll post results in a couple months, see hwo it goes :)

On the other end, anyone find a good all day (or night in my case) stretcher that can be tied to the thigh or something? If one’s available for purchase I’ll pick one up from anyone :)


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