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Can I increase intensity if consistency is a problem

Can I increase intensity if consistency is a problem

My schedule is erratic, and I often have little private time to spend on PE. I am a newbie and am for the most part following the newbie routine. But I don’t really feel like my dick has been pushed enough after my sessions. Before I started jelqing/stretching a couple of weeks ago, I used a traction device. Because of comfort and numbness issues, I have stopped using it until I either get a replacement head or get another ADS method.

Curious about increasing intensity, I have tried clamping once or twice and it feels great! Also, I’ve tried a couple of the other advanced stretching, jelqing, and head expansion techniques, but only once or twice each. I’m concerned I might overdo it. Does anyone think that my PE intensity could be increased if I only get a chance to do this a couple times a week? Also, does it matter that I haven’t experienced any spotting and I don’t feel any burn afterward?

Why not keep to jelqing and stretching, but increase the intensity of these excises. I.E. harder jelqs, long more pull in your arm stretches. Move onto more advanced techniques, but at your own risk. You have to decide, can you trust your own senses sufficiently to perform a stunt even the dare-devil penis-pullers say is dangerous early in a career?

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Thanks Beasty,

I’ve been reading some suggestions from “dare-devil penis pullers” and then also reading some of the warning threads. I’m a little more reluctant to jump in the deep end.

I thought of adding intensity to the newbie routine so I did squeeze harder and pull harder in jelqing and stretching in my routine today. I felt it more while doing it, but there was no fatigued or sore feeling afterward. Am I just mistaken? After PEing, should your dick feel like it’s had a workout or not? I just want to make sure that I’m actually stressing it enough to make it grow.

It’s difficult to describe the feeling one would get. ‘Fatigued’ is an alright description. ‘Heavy’ is one I like. ‘Sore’ yes slightly, but that word can be misinterpreted. You’re not going for a completely fatigued member, more of an ‘engorged’ member if you follow.

Here’s an idea. You could add an extra PE session a day. One at night before bed, one in the morning before work for example. If you do PE on Monday, make sure you do it again later on on Monday. That might prove productive.

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