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Bpel vs nbpel

Bpel vs nbpel


Just wanted to thank you all guys for your help. After my last week measurement, I’ve noticed that my penis is 1.5 cm bigger BPEL. In July I was only 16.5cm bpel and now I’m 18 cm bpel. The ruler never lies. But there is a strange fact, the one that it seems that my nbpel size is still the same. How is that possible?I was 15nbpel and now I am 15 nbpel. My body weight is the same.I’m focused on getting more NON BONE PRESSED ERECT looks bigger that there any advice? Thx, guys

By the way.pumping is SUPER EFFICIENT;) .

There was a post in the Main Member Forum the other day that suggested stretching of the suspensory ligs may allow the ruler to be pressed in to a greater depth and therefore showing false gain. The recommendation was to turn the ruler to a vertical position to correct for this.

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Yeah, that happens a lot. The most that you can do to increase your NBPEL, is to reduce your fatpad by whatevr way which works for you.

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Or perhaps he has added a teeny bit of pudg on his lower belly.

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I have the same problem. I increased BPEL by 3/4”, but NBPEL by only 1/4”. In a way this makes sense: the meat of my penis may be increasing, but it is still connected to my body in the same spot. That and the fact that I have a big fat pad make the NBPEL growth hard to see. I wonder too if this is another reason why we have trouble seeing our own growth sometimes?

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