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Gaining BPEL but no difference in NBPEL

Gaining BPEL but no difference in NBPEL

So I started measuring BPEL 3 months ago to get more consistent and accurate measurements. I found that if I sat on the toilet, edged to almost the point of no return, dug the ruler as hard against the bone as I could and bended the penis down a bit, I could get a measurement accurate to the millimeter every time. I took 7 pictures and they all read the same on the ruler. Measuring sitting and bending the penis down a bit also add about 1cm but this is not why I started doing it.

Now I have kept PE`ing for 3 months since I started measuring this way and I have “grown” 4mm in BPEL. The reason I say “grown” is because I think it is only the ligaments that have been stretched. My NBPEL has not moved and is still 17cm while my BPEL is now 18,5cm.

Could it not be so that ligament gains will be hard to detect unless you bend your penis down somewhat? It makes sense to me. A tunica growth would be visible no matter how you look at it since it is actually cell growth that have occurred. If this is true then I made 1,5cm tunica growth in my first 5 months of PE`ing and have now made 4mm ligament gain in 3 months.

Anyway, a gain is a gain and I am happy! If I gain another 4mm in another 3 months then I bet it will be some tunica growth as well and it will be visible on my NBPEL. (I am happy but I want to update the pictures in my signature dammit!)

Your NBPEL will also remain constant (even though your BPEL increases) if you are getting fatter :D

I was thinking about this issue today actually. ;) I think the problem for some of us may lie with how low are nutsacks hang. We need to do some ballsack stretching at certain angles I believe to eventually with paitence and time stretch our sacks lower to give us more NBP length. Do this expiment like I have, try stretching your nutsack by different grab positions and observe and notice how based on how you grip and at what angle you stretch your nutsack at certain areas your NBP length goes up somewhat. :) This may be the key, I just need to refine my thoughts a little more I think, who knows? I’ll keep an eye on it.

BPEL increases but NBPEL constant.

Could this be due to deeper pressing of the ruler as you can withstand more pushing pressure now or your fat pad has become thinner?
Greater applied force might also indirectly cause your penis to become harder and hence, longer.

Thank you for your input!

I believe I have only stretched my suspensory ligament and therefore the 4mm gain only becomes visible when I bend my penis down a bit. I know for a fact that it is not me pushing the ruler harder into my fat pad. This is very clear from my pictures. I will post some pictures in the member picture forum to show that it without a doubt is not a measurement error.

This ligament gain must be a result from me doing more manual stretches. Anyone else had this happen?

4mm is such a small amount that it is most probably due to inconsisitency in measuring. Even if you were pushing on your ruler with the same force it could be that you measured the second time with your penis at a lower angle. Also if your skin around the base hasn’t stretched it will move up with the extra length, so you don’t even have to have put on weight and your base will start higher up the shaft. Infact this is probably the reason, not as I first stated difference in measuring angles. Congratulations on your gains so far!

Just re read my post and wanted to point out in terms of PE 4mm is not “such a small amount”, but in terms of measuring and possible inacuracy it is small.

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