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The period between gains from BPFSL to BPEL to NBPEL

The period between gains from BPFSL to BPEL to NBPEL

To the people who have gained,

Most people start to see gains from BPFSL. How long will it take untill you see those gains to BPEL? A month, two months? How about the period from BPEL to NBPEL?

Hey Mike, have you made BPFS gains? If so how much? You know I keep you in my prayers I’m just checking if anyone is listening.

I have become one of the people who get a longer BPFS over the past 6 months. I notice erect gains follow slowly, maybe 4 weeks. I think it prob. varies from person to person. There was a time that my BPE and FSBP were the same.

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Hey DLD thanks for that reply:) . I can’t say for sure if I’ve made gains or not. On one day it looks longer than the previous day. Then the next day it looks shorter. It depends on how hard I’m pushing the ruler against my pubic bone I guess. Last week, I broke my ruler in half from pushing it to kingdom come (it was a regular wood ruler).I take the measurement until my hands shake from pushing very hard. And I recall I saw an increase of 1/8. The problem is I don’t remember how hard I pushed the ruler against my pubic bone the first time I measured my BPFSL. I hope I won’t dislocate my penis from my body. Lol.

By the way how did you keep your BPE to be the same as FSBP? Thats amazing.


I spare a few thoughts for you also. If one day it seems longer than another, it might be because the FSL gains are not cemented - I often got an increased FSL than normal after a few hours of hanging. I once measured 8.75”, and with the by then fluid filled foreskin pushed over the head, 9” (although that does not count obviously).

Leading up to my gains I got several cemented FSL gains, to the point where it was 1” longer than EL. After that, I got EL gains very soon after FSL gains, like I would have a 1.25” difference, and a few weeks later EL would catch up. I also got uncemented EL gains (EL gains which disappeared), and the FSL did not drop below the 1.25” difference when I measured. If you work consitantly and make gains, they will cement and make new gains at the same time.

BTW - I dont know the exact numbers above, but that is the pattern that the gains took, and I have noticed all gains, FSL and EL, in 1/4” ‘chunks’. So I approx’ed, sue me.


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