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Best Length exercises for my condition?


Best Length exercises for my condition?

I’ve had the lengthening surgery, where all of the suspensory and fundiform ligaments were snipped,and my stability is somewhat compromised.Also my errection angle changed from 70 degrees to about 30 degrees…Arhhh If I only knew about the ramifications of the surgery or learned about natural lengthening via PE 9 yrs. ago, I’d be a much happier camper.
I was taking proscar to boot at the time@5mgs/day due to my stupid obsession with my rapid hair loss/receding.
I didn’t follow traction or weight hanging protocol perfectly either and I may have caused slight scar retraction, although my gains remained at 5.5 flacid nbp and approx. 6.5 a whole 0.5 inch gain..hardly worth it obviously and I urge anybody who is even contemplating having the surgery done to never go ahead with it and to stick to natural PE methods…If I only new.

I’m asking for some help from well informed members to suggest some basic length exercises, as I don’t think I can stretch the internal scar tissue.So I’m wondering if hanging would still be effective or other stretching exercises that target the tunica.
Is there any other exercises besides V-stretch,Inverted V-stretch,Added inverted V-stretch and A- stretches.Thanks to all that can help. I really do appreciate it.
Oh..BTW my curreent stats are approx. 6.8 ernbpx6” girth and my routine consists of light pumping@5hg for 1 10min session,followed by a couple hundred 3 second jelques and some uli’s 3x weekly.
I want to stay very consistent,as I am extremely dedicated and consistent and will work up to using constrictors as part of my girth routine. I just need some concrete advice for length gains.
My present goal is 8x6.5 erectnbp. Thanks once again.

Here is a post by a guy who lost size after surgery, then gained it back plus more from PE.

IMO, hanging is the best technique for length. I’m not sure how snipped ligs would affect your approach. I’d probably follow the standard plan. Start with the lower angles (SD or BTC, though probably not much need for BTC in your case) and see how progress goes. When gains cease, switch to upper angles, fulcrum and/or OTL to focus on different areas of the shaft.

BTW, if you decide to hang then only hang. A few jelqs here and there won’t hurt, but don’t try combine hanging with pumping or Ulis, at least not in the beginning (or ever, really).

Thanks for the help Hobby. I’m going to have to get myself a BiB and start using it in addition to various stretches.

Originally Posted by hobby

BTW, if you decide to hang then only hang. A few jelqs here and there won’t hurt, but don’t try combine hanging with pumping or Ulis, at least not in the beginning (or ever, really).

Why is that Hobby? Does the predominate girth from pumping and Ulis,stretch the tunica in a horizontal direction which defeats the purpose of hanging,which is designed to stretch vertically downwards?

Makes sense I guess.I suppose you can alternate hanging with girth exercises on alternate days.With hanging taking prescedance,to achieve my length gains/goals.

>Why is that Hobby? Does the predominate girth from pumping and Ulis,stretch the tunica in a horizontal direction which defeats the purpose of hanging,which is designed to stretch vertically downwards?

Genetic predisposition seems to allow some to expand easier in either length or girth. Some guys gain length easily, but girth is a bitch, and vice versa. A few gain both well, and others have a hard time gaining either. None of this has anything to do with my recommendation to focus on hanging exclusively if you decide to hang.

As a beginning hanger you will have enough issues to deal with. You’ll have to learn how to wrap, adjust and attach your hanger. You’ll also need to learn what sensations to expect. This can be more involved than you might expect. The last thing you need is to add variables from other techniques into the learning curve.

I added the “ever” comment because I think if a guy is giving his all to a hanging program, as he should be if he is hanging seriously, other stuff only gets in the way. Pumping or Ulis increase problems with fluid buildup (particularly in the frenulum area in front of the wrap). Ulis, bending and other girth exercises will worsen shaft soreness at the hanger attachment point.

You have 6” girth already, which is the desired end goal of many here. If I were in your position I’d forget about girth and focus exclusively on length. You may pick up some base girth from hanging. See where your girth is after you’re satisfied with your length. If you still think you need more, then focus on a girth-oriented routine.

Thanks for your help :D

What is BTC, SD, SO, OTL?

You could try these things. I’m most interested in low intensity methods because my penis is already injured.…hlight=extender

Elastoplast fabric strapping =FS

Zinc oxide tape=ZT

I have tried many different types of sticking plaster and have found these to be the best for the job, but feel free to experiment.
1/ Wash the head of the penis with soap and water, and dry well.
2/ Cut a piece of FS long enough to go over the head and down the sides lapping onto the shaft, about 1 cm each side (you will need to draw back the foreskin to do this, if you have one) Place a small piece of cotton wool on the centre of the FS. This prevents the FS from sticking to the area by and on the eye of the head.
3/Now cut a piece of ZT the same length as the FS and apply directly over the top completely covering the FS. You should now have a small loop over the eye of the head, formed by the SF and ZT. This is to pass some string through to attach the penis to the jes extender. But not just yet.
4/Cut a piece of ZT long enough to just encircle the head. Stick this around the head lapping half way onto the shaft. The 2 ends of the ZT should stop just short of the sensitive skin that attaches the foreskin to the penis head (if you don’t have a foreskin you can probably go all the way around the head). Now take a small length of ZT and put a small piece of cotton wool in the middle and stick it over the gap left where the fore attaches to the head (this stops it getting sore when the penis is pulled).
Now cut another length of FS to go all the way around the head. Stick this lapping half way over the ZT already around the head, towards the top of the head not the shaft.
You are now ready to pass a length of string through the loop on top of the head.
You will have to find a way of attaching the string to the jes extender as my stretcher was made for this method of attachment. But it shouldn’t present too much of a problem.


Thanks Biff :D

You’re welcome :)



Heat may be an important factor in stretching the scar tissue. I came across this article the other day, which discusses the benefits of traction with ultrasound heating to stretch connective tissue, especially scar tissue.

Ultrasound is preferred here because connective tissue absorbs ultrasound energy more readily than skin or fat. However, any form or penetrative heat will probably help.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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Modesto…I feel like the forum is watching my every move :eye: :chuckle:

First Biffy’s link to splinting and then your recomendation of using ultrasound.I had your link bookmarked two days ago.Much appreciated.

You see I severed the extensor tendon,just under my fingernail,on my right index finger on April 15th(knife accident) and it’s been splinted for the last 6wks.The plastic surgeon removed the splint on tuesday and checked my(ROM) range of motion.I displayed near full flexion at my middle knuckle and no flexion at my digit joint ie.right under nail.After trying light flexion exercises for these areas,there was no improvement at the digit joint and mallet finger started to re-occur.

So on Friday,the surgeon put back the splint, as obviously the tendon needs stronger collagen formation,which will also increase elasticity.He will also incorporate ultrasound to break up scar bundles.

My chiropractor is a very good friend of mine,and he uses ultrasound and laser to break up scar adhesions.I wonder if he could teach me how to use the device and how much one might cost?? LOL!

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