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Best Length exercises for my condition?


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Originally Posted by ModestoMan

Heat may be an important factor in stretching the scar tissue. I came across this article the other day, which discusses the benefits of traction with ultrasound heating to stretch connective tissue, especially scar tissue.

Ultrasound is preferred here because connective tissue absorbs ultrasound energy more readily than skin or fat. However, any form or penetrative heat will probably help.

My chiropractor told me that the new laser he uses($15,000) is much better then ultrasound for penetrating scar tissue and softening out and stretching,of course I didn’t tell him about PE,but I had 1 session(10mins) for my extensor tendon injury.
I can pick up an ultrasound for about $2,000 and would consider this if my urologist thinks this would be efficacious.Do you think this would work Modesto? and would you recomend a BiB, a suck-extender or the Jes-extender with the clamping device instead of the noose for stretching,in addition to various stretching exercises of course.

$2000 sounds like a lot to spend on a PE device, especially one that is experimental. Do you have a link to a site that describes it?

Unless your urologist thinks it’s a slam dunk, I’d recommend you start out with hot baths and a hot rice sock. See where that gets you.

Because I am a cheap bastard, I would also recommend stretching with a Captn’s Wench. It’s very easy to make and works surprisingly well. I’ve built a 1” wide version that I’m loving. I haven’t tried the “Wenchette” with really heavy weights, but I can say with certainty that it’s very comfy in the 5-10# range.

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