Problem with erect length and flaccid length difference

This is my idea of why the flaccid length equals the erect length sometimes or even longer than that.

Actually it comes from my experience. I jelqed for about 2 month like a year ago and the result of it was an increase in my FL but no change or almost no change in my EL. That’s why i gave it up. Then I thoght that you could only increase the length by stretching the shaft but I had no idea of ligaments’s stretches.
It was only on this site that I came across the theory of ligs’ stretching with weights. I remembered that I jelqed only downwards and probably the changes I attributed to the increased shaft’s length were really due to stretched upper ligs. But jelqing only downwards didn’t produce enough stress on the lower ligs, which are very important when penis is erect (and which are much stronger by the way if you compare them with the upper ligs). The same thing happens when you do your hanging sessions only upright. 90% of the job then is done by the upper ligs (you may even try and feel it with your fingers).
Here comes my idea: though both types of ligs are important, upper ligs are more responsible for the FL gains and lower ligs in it’s turn for the EL gains.

What I do to stretch the lower ligs:
I put a chair in front of the bed (it’d be better if the chair is the same level with the bed) and lie on them face down with my legs on the bed, my torso on the chair and my penis is hanging in the space between them. Then i rotate a little bit on either sides and stop when I feel one of my lower ligs stressed. You should do kegel at the same time which also really helps because it turns off the PC muscle so it can’t compensate the stress produced by the weight.
I know it is pretty awkward. But I hope it helps anyway.