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Best homemade hanger

Best homemade hanger

I know I’m going to catch a lot of flack for not “searching” this, but what is the best (I.e. Safest, most reliable, etc.) homemade hanger?

Search for the Captain’s Wench.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Wouldnt say captains wench is the best homemaid hanger but is easy to make and find the parts for. Theres a lot of hanger models that can be made fairly easily so I recommend you look for hangers in the forum and decide which you want to make.

Search. Find. Read. Learn. Make weener bigger

Doesn’t Monkeybar sell a bib like hanger that is supposed to be pretty comfortable? Do a search on Monkeybar.

I’m not really looking to buy. What I want though is one that gets the job done and is safe.

I see

Did you search for the Captain’s Wench? That’s probably the closest thing to a consensus choice on best homemade hanger right now, with the most widespread use by members here, but there are other homemade hangers and you’ll just have to read up and decide for yourself. The Hanging section of Stevie’s favorites is probably a good place to start: Stevie’s Favorites (I don’t think I see MM’s wenchette there, so: My perfect 1 incher?)

And, unless you have the components lying around the house you’ll have to buy something. The parts of the Captains Wench will probably be around $12-$15. (The per-wench cost of materials amounts to a couple bucks, but you’ll probably have to buy whole packages of velcro, grippers, straps, etc.)

I tried many hangers, Bib homemade, CCH3, Captn, Vac, Hubbards, etc..They are all have fans, but in my PERSONAL opinion, since am uncut and very lazy to do the wrapping experiment, Vac is cheap and works well so far.

But can a captains wrench take a fair amount of weight. I know I’m just beginning but I plan to be hanging a lot for the next 9 months (loads of free time) and I just want something that will be productive all the way through. Also, how long is a good hanging session. Some posts seem to indicate multiple 30 minute sessions while others seem to say all day.

and…..does hanging take the place of stretchign or do they compliment eachother

Originally Posted by delaware2
Also, how long is a good hanging session. Some posts seem to indicate multiple 30 minute sessions while others seem to say all day.

Check Buby’s PPM Theory:
Pound Per Minute Theory PPM
PPM gains

Anyone got any good results with the Captains Wench?

Im still not sure how long one should hang if they have got the time

Delaware: first, use proper punctuation here. Read the forum guidelines if you need to, or re-read them if they didn’t sink in the first time.

Second, your join date indicates that you might be new at this. If so, do the newbie routine for a few months, and read all you can in the meantime.

If you have done the newbie routine for a while, and your penis is sufficiently conditioned for advanced techniques, you could, carefully, try hanging at low weight for a short time, and then slowly work up to more weight and longer sessions. Try 3 to 5 pounds, for 10 minutes at a time, three times a day.

Beyond that, I’m frankly not getting the impression that you’re putting in your share of the effort here. Read more, then ask informed questions. If you have been reading, then you’ve probably seen threads like this one that’s linked from the first thread in the Hanger’s Forum. It describes the basic hanging routine that most of us started with. After doing that schedule with a Captains Wench for six months, I gained about 3/4” of the almost 2” I’ve gained so far. Try it. After several months you can decide for yourself whether you want to hang for an hour, or hours, every day.

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