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Homemade Bib Hanger difficulties

Homemade Bib Hanger difficulties

Im having some troubles with the big hanger i have not actually made it but I have all of the supplies to. Anyway I was wondering about the lower flap of the hanger that has the whole for the S hook. Where is you penis head supposed to be in relation to that hole I mean is the hanger built so that you head should stay within the contents of the hanger?(Pic #1) Or is you head supposed to be past hanger altogether in which some circumstances that we create some really difficult situations because the S hook would be dangerously near your head, and you could possibly snag something.(pic #2) I guess that my main question is how far should point A be away from poing B. Poing B is the begginging part of your head. And in relation to that how close should your head be to the S hook. Hopefully this made sense if not i can draw more detailed instructions.

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To answer your question, yes, keep the s-hook away from the glans. Picture #1.

There are better homemade hangers out there though. The downside with that one is that it applies pressure around the entire penis instead of more on the sides.

Similar PVC hangers that put pressure on the sides:
To all the handy mens show your hanger

The most popular homemade hanger, and likely easiest to build, is Cappy’s Wench:
- The Captn’s Wench: PE Device

Good luck :)

I have never tried the homemade BIB but it doesn’t looks comfortable at all. I think it’s best to start with an - bad link AFBhanger with the beads or a screw instead of the beads. It’s cheap, easy to build and uses lateral pressure.

Piet, that is a neat design. Easy to use, easy to hide, costs zilch - what more can one ask?

regards, mgus

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If I’m just starting out hanging then you tps suggest that I should try making a hanger like the one in the first link? Are there any instructions that go along with it? And didnt Bib create this idea for my hanger how is it that it is so popular even though it is potentially dangerous? WHat are the dangers of usins a hanger such as the one i plan to construct in the picture?

Could I still use this device for a Uli thing?

Does Bibs modified model grip mainly on the sides avoiding the dorsal vein?

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