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Best girth gains

Best girth gains

Hello, I have been a PE follower for quite some time now. I used to do light jelqing years ago, (did not commit enough time to get gains however) just to test out PE. I am very concerned after I do the newbie routine on planning out a extensive girth exercise plan. I have heard from many people “hanging doesn’t give girth” or “hanging has given me excellent results in girth!” and many other exercises that are split down the middle on effectivness.

I recently built up the courage to measure my penis, (I did not want to see the results). Sadly I am pretty below average, 5” length, and 3.5” girth. I can live with the length but the small girth really makes me look how should I say.. A needle dick. I am 18, and I doubt I am still growing, because I have not seen length or girth increases to my penis in years from natural growth. I guess I am looking for some support from people on here, if I had to say what my goal for right now would be, it would be 4.5” girth, which I know would take a long time to do.

I am pretty lost, even reading all of the FAQ’s and threads my lack of knowledge here makes it pretty hard to understand what a lot of people are doing. Any suggestions on how I should go about my new PEing process? Help would be much appreciated.


Dude I know how you feel. Right now I’m only at 4” girth, not a whole lot better. My goal is an inch gain as well, but if I make it to 4.5” I’d jump for joy. But at 18 your penis is still growing. It’ll keep on growing until you’re about 21.

I say start at the Newbie Routine, even though you feel you may not want length now, it will still help you down the road of overall penis health. Do this routine for 3 months as a conditioning routine, and then take it from there. Don’t over do it, and make sure you take it easy. Follow the Newbie Routine as closely as possible. Read a lot and stay safe.

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^What he said. But stick to the newbie routine until you stop growing before you alter your routine at all.

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